1. That’s not an electron scanning microscope

  2. clearly a silencer and flash suppressor, this must be a high caliber camera.

  3. My eyes are up here buddy

  4. Laowa Probe lens 24mm f/14 macro 2:1

    Astrihori makes one too, for half the price.

  5. Finally…

  6. would be surprised if you could see my dick on that

  7. Too big

  8. Dunno about you, but all I see is a Glory hole

  9. oh look make fun out of men for something they cant control. haha. funny.

  10. Yeah im pretty sure this isnt the hubble telescope, so it still wont help

  11. Body shaming is hilarious! Now make a meme about women with small tits!

  12. A comedy Genius! And another 4000 comedy geniuses upvoting it.

    Yeah yeah I know I should take a look with at my penis. Haha

  13. ![gif](giphy|5h47LsEYbofzcgOz19)

  14. That is definitely a gun.

  15. Can confirm..

  16. r/MicroPenis

  17. Confirmed this is the one my wife’s boyfriend used

  18. Finally, girls can see my dick more clearly in the pics.

  19. I feel attacked.

  20. Bruh

  21. Aigh fake enough

  22. This really a problem with you guys

  23. Macro lens, micro peen, tiny hand for scale.


  24. How much is that lens btw

  25. Jokes on you, mine is 6 inches

  26. Reply
    Appropriate-Road5253 January 31, 2023 at 3:43 am

    Sooo anyone would like to share his pp with me?

  27. You got this from r/beamazed

  28. Finally, I’ve been waiting long enough

  29. Finally

    Mosquito camera

  30. Small PP Club…Assemble…..

  31. Reply
    gelatinousdepression January 31, 2023 at 3:43 am

    I’m flattered you think this is sufficient

  32. What? I think you need the opposite of the pic. It needs to be an extra large zoom lens.

  33. [The body shaming of men](https://www.reddit.com/gallery/105oqun)

    Credit /u/TheTinMenBlog

  34. Probably still can’t see mines

  35. Hey mine is way longer! Wait that’s just hair…

  36. I don’t think anyone wants to see it that up close. 🤭

  37. to large to see a redditors d*ck

  38. Finally

  39. About time

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