1. article contains nothing new

  2. Still says 3rd quarter!

  3. I am constantly worried that this email is going to end up in my spam folder and I won’t see it. But I’m a Q3 order, so…

  4. Mine went from 2nd to 3rd quarter…

  5. I preordered mine on day 2 (July 17, 2021) and have yet to receive an email. It’s insane that they still must be trying to fill orders for people who reserved on day 1. Idk if that’s much progress, but maybe this will give others who may have preordered weeks after that they won’t be getting theirs anytime soon

  6. All I want to know is if my ‘After Q3’ is Q4 2022 or not.

  7. Ramping up? Did they expect it not to sell?

  8. As a person in Australia… I’m not holding my breath

  9. Do we really need this if cloud gaming going to work out?

  10. I was moved from Q1 to Q2 and just recently moved to Q3.

    I have the 512gb reservation. Made the reservation in late August of 2021.

    I would very much like to see this speed up.

  11. I’m still waiting.

  12. Hopefully they develop a base for it, you know, like the switch has

  13. I don’t even want it at this point

  14. I was thinking about buying this but got doubts, what makes you think this is a solid purchase?

  15. Does the steam deck connect to a TV like the switch. Sorry I’ve looked it up and haven’t seen anything about it.

  16. Anyone know of an Australia release for the Steam Deck?

  17. Failed console as anything else that’s hyped up by today’s massive internet media machine.

    Gaming might as well be dead.

  18. [deleted]

  19. Please don’t move me up to q2 I don’t have the money after my insurance rent and gas went up

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