Valve and Steam could take the concept of the console…

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+1390 – Valve and Steam could take the concept of the console controller from Slightly Mad Studios that will never come out and bring it in a possible Steam Controller 2.0

2022-04-04 08:23:52

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  1. I never got why you’d want a display on your controller. You don’t *look at it* while playing. Just utilize this space for inputs (like there isn’t enough variety available) so it can fulfil its purpose better, goddamnit.

  2. Valve AND Steam?! Wow, what a combo that would be.

  3. Screens on controllers are a horrible idea

  4. Looks awful. Too much rgb, too much everything. So many „features“ you do not need, just making the controller look like a chinese product off from wish.

  5. And instead of paying $50-60 per controller, you’re going to be paying $200-250 for a pointless display.

  6. Well tbh ideally a touch keyboard is pretty cool. Depends on their priorities and what/if they have to sacrifice for that.On a second thought I’ve also been using controller companion to map volume/media actions, alt-tabbing, rts overlay, muting game etc so a touch-screen could make all that more easily available to everyone and could even be a marketting thing for valve but! I’d take a well worked out quality trackpad/controller over that any day.

  7. that looks like dogshit

  8. Pretty sure they already addressed that this was an original teaser/idea for steam controller 1.0 until they realized there was no point in adding a screen there, needlessly increasing the cost to the consumer.

  9. They were already sued once for using someone else’s patented design in the first controller. I don’t think they plan on repeating that mistake.

  10. They had displays on the original prototype of the Steam Controller. There’s a reason it didn’t make it to production: it’s pointless.

  11. Why not make the screen bigger, add CPU, GPU and RAM? Then you can actually play games on it!!

  12. Looks stupid, please no. Looks ugly and would be way too expensive because of that useless display.

  13. No! Controllers nowadays are so fragile and cost so much to replace.

    I’d rather have them focus on making controller sturdier and effective. A screen on a controller is useless…

  14. It honestly looks way too over engineered to be even affordable.

  15. A controller you can’t properly claw grip is not a good controller.

  16. Where trackpads

  17. Looks cool but I would complain battery depletion.

  18. I can’t even get my regular steam controller to work properly most of the time so I’m kinda indifferent to them making anoter one. Just reminds me of the random screen in the middle of those xbox duke reissue controllers Hyperkin put out a few years ago.

  19. Jesus, I really hope they don’t.

  20. Ah yes, make the steam controller that was already a hard sell at a low price point a $100+ controller

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    Brazilianboylurks April 4, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    This looks awful, congratulations.

  22. yeah this looks simple but not sure all of the games gonna make an extra HUD to that PC specific controller

  23. yea that’s also asking game devs to put in that sort of functionality into their game JUST for a 3rd party controller.

    if steam made that kind of controller, they wouldn’t be the ones responsible for putting in MPH or death screens..keyboard could be useful if it wasn’t in such a damn inconvenient location.

    looks cool but unfeasible.

  24. Living proof people will upvote any stupid ass thing, the d pad is miles away from the bottom, there’s no way this thing fits in a human hand, literally unplayable

  25. Wow the controller looks epic.

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    SlavicNinjaOfficial April 4, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    Looks like the fake console leaks from 2010, epic

  27. Nah, would love to have a Steam Controller which is basically just the Steam Deck without display and most internals. 2 sticks, d-pad, ABXY, 2 touch pads, shoulder and back buttons.
    Will be bigger than most, but size doesn’t really matter when deciding on controllers if it’s ergonomic and feels good

  28. This looks dreadful but I am desperate for a new Steam Controller. The deck gives me hope that they might do be it.

  29. Can’t imagine why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to condition users to take their eyes off the content. Have these people ever played a game in their lives?

  30. Lemme clear that up for you- they wont.

  31. Having to look away from the main display to look at the secondary one is annoying. Case in point: The Wii U

  32. “Valve and Steam”… really???

    Besides the keyboard, why bother with the rest, how often do you look down at your controller?

  33. An awesome idea in theory; an awful idea for usability.

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