Vaccine resistance comes from childhood legacy of mistrust |…

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+2340 – Vaccine resistance comes from childhood legacy of mistrust | Many participants who said they were now vaccine-resistant had adverse childhood experiences including abuse, neglect, threats, and deprivations. They scored lower on mental processing speed, reading level, and verbal ability as children.

2022-04-04 17:17:17

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  1. In other words, child abuse produces people who think authority figures are untrustworthy.

    Well, yes, that’s consistent with about 100+ years of health research.

  2. I’m not sure 1000 people of a very narrow age group, from a single town is considered an appropriate sample.

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    Legitimate_Object_58 April 4, 2022 at 10:51 pm

    I submit that there are different “brands,” if you will, of anti-vaxxers. I have little doubt that some arrive at their beliefs in exactly this way. However, this is a study of 1,000 people in New Zealand. It does not adequately explain Covid vaccine resistance in the US — which is now almost entirely partisan-driven. That is to say, plenty of Democrats had the kind of upbringing described, yet they are getting vaccinated.

  4. That explains why so many east Germans who grew up under full surveillance big brother watch are anti-vaxxers

  5. Dude that’s literally every anti vaxxer I know, that’s so on point in my experience.

  6. Uhhh yes. They learned that everything is not roses and peachy in the world. Especially when it comes to greedy big pharma and politicians.

    Just going by the healing here. So is this study suggesting the vaccine resistant is more stupid than the other bunch of society so they’re opinions and freedoms shouldn’t matter much?

  7. I’ll form an extension hypothesis: People who grew up trusting the wrong people continue to trust the wrong people and get force-fed misinformation without knowing.

  8. whew! i was just now hunting more reasons to hate on the abused

  9. This sub has become pure trash.

  10. People abused by authority figures don’t trust authority figure.

    Good job psychology, keep cranking out these winners and you might make enough to pay off that student debt

  11. This is also a great argument for family planning, especially those with limited resources.

  12. What a joke of an article

  13. Or it comes from an awareness of the corruption of big pharma and politicians. Why is it so controversial to not blindly trust corporations or authorities that have proven over and over to be untrustworthy?

  14. Or

    Had a previous adverse reaction to a vaccine


    Find the constantly shifting goalposts on the COVID vaccine…uh troublesome?

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  17. TLDR; people who don’t believe in vaccines are poorly educated, poorly raised and dumb.

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  19. This is actually funny and sad.

  20. My mothers family was watched by the KGB for being religious insurrectionists or something so rhat makes sense.

  21. Mistrust of the Pharmaceutical Companies that Lobbied to disallow an individual, harmed by the vaccine, to sue for damages. Your only choice is to accept disability payments.

    Also the fact that vaccines have increased by double digits since the 60’s. Yet viruses have not increased. Chicken Pox & measles are now deadly when they are just a nuisance.

    The money they charge & the insurance companies that overcharge needs to be addressed.

  22. None of us are even close to as important as we think we are. These platforms just make us all feel so entitled and important. That we are the center of the universe. Can’t we all just realize we are stupid. Just plain common dumb. It’s simple stats if you wanna get on that. We literally do not know any better. We are a society of normal common uninteresting dumb dumbs. I accept it

  23. I take my hat off to those who did not get vaccinated, better people than I .

  24. Or, child abusers tend to be antivax.

  25. This also checks boxes with the MAGAts…..

  26. 1/4 kids in uk get sexual abused or abused in some way. 70m population is 17.5m potential anti vax. Good numbers!

  27. Wait you mean to say all this vaccine nutbaggery causes people to lose trust in the medical industry and thus the power of future vaccines are in doubt??

    No way

  28. I’m not against Covid vaccines. I would love it if someone came up with something that immunized us against Covid. Unfortunately all we’ve got so far are therapeutics which slightly reduce symptoms if taken close to when you catch the disease.

  29. Interesting. What kind of a childhood might result in complete trust in big pharma?

  30. Darwinism always finds a way

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  32. So we should feel sorry for people who are scared of vaccines?

  33. I’m like this, I don’t trust anyone probably because I was abandoned and abused as a kid but also because everyone lies all the time. I do have a very high IQ though so I differ with that part of the study. I think it’s insane how much people trust those in power.

  34. There is no reason to justify your resistance to the vaccine other than your childhood abuse

  35. One presumes the author meant anti-vaxx instead of vaccine-resistant.

    The terminology stated in the summary suggests something different to what’s actually meant.

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