1. Never thought something like this could make me so proud. It was a pleasure serving with you all.

  2. if you are petty & want to take revenge on the streamer, his logo is around 1956, 926

  3. Don’t forget Chelsea vs St Louis and the Oilers

  4. God I love pootball.

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    CaredForEightSeconds April 5, 2022 at 7:22 am

    Don’t count our chickens yet lads, any idea what time it closes? That earlier sabotage was rapid.

  6. That was intense as HELL. Great job today everyone. We fought back like animals!!

  7. 1 tile away.

  8. The title is sarcastic just in case that wasn’t obvious.

  9. You need to make the Top of the F two pieces away from the middle line of the F so you don’t get only one block to turn it into a P

  10. You guys had nothing better to do lol

  11. Do we have an organized link to place correct files? Saw other streamers or subs have it

  12. Have you seen Barca on there? It is shocking 😂

  13. Thank you you beautiful beautiful people, I did the best I could also. Up the Chels!

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