1. Get this shackle off of me!

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    onemoretimemaybe12 April 5, 2022 at 7:34 am

    Awww he so fat 🥲

  3. aww so adorable, this is what I love to watch.

  4. wheres sound? D:

  5. smol and angery

  6. Yeah they don’t like them. Unless it has info on it they are completely useless. Walk with a harness. I don’t make my dogs wear em, they like to be nAkEe.

  7. That collar must be very uncomfortable

  8. My dog used to act like his collar weighs 1000 pounds. Making it impossible for him to move his head while it was on him. Funny stuff.

  9. No collars. Only vest leashes.

  10. Poor thing being so uncomfortable but this is so cute I’m gonna throw up oh my god!

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