1. The world is just a free trash bin for so many. To go to a mcdonalds parking lot, get out, and just shove everythign on the ground instead of carrying it ten feet to a garbage bin…

    My other pet peeve is people who refuse to push a grocery cart to a nearby coral and instead just leave it in a parking spot. Saw one do it in front of me yesterday, went to do it myself giving the lady a bit of stink eye (which she ignored) then saw her purse was still in the cart as she drove away too quickly to notice. Her own karma. Rather than put any effort in contacting her, I just dropped it off at the customer service desk inside. She can figure it out on her own. (could be worse, someone else would have taken the credit cards and gone on a bit of a shopping spree with the tap-and-go feature.)

  2. She is trashy, and pun intended.

  3. This comment section… littering is not okay.

    Yeah, yeah I get it. Big companies are infinitely worse. That doesn’t make it any less horrid when an individual does it.

    On a separate note, I definitely do not agree with opening someone’s else car door but you do you.

    Fuck you if you litter which 1000% includes throwing cigarette butts on the ground.

  4. When they throw it back out, just stuff it somewhere else. Like, under a wiper, in the grill, in the spokes of a wheel, or maybe jam it above their tailpipe.

  5. The justice is sending the video to Uber. Let them deal with it. When it comes to losing money, it has more sting.

  6. If you litter like this your a piece of shit.. look at that park job to..

  7. She should Pick Up and Go

  8. POS person. Should be made to clean litter for 40 hours.

  9. I’ve done similar but I shoved it under their windshield wipers. At least make the lazy fucks get out of their car if they want to be pigs.

  10. Damn, I wish I was a man so I could do that to ppl.

  11. This really pisses me off! Who the fuck teaches these people that this is okag??? Fuckin’ trashy af, literally.

  12. We would hangout with my bf’s (former) friend and when he picked us up for fast food, he’d open the window and throw his entire bag right out the window in the highway… I was jaw dropped.

    Let’s just say other circumstances made it so they’re not friends anymore (no violence involved, thank god) . But it’s mainly because of this disgusting behavior.

    These people didn’t have proper discipline growing up.

  13. Makes since once I saw the Uber driver

  14. I hate litterbugs just as much as you, but opening somebody’s car door to make a point? Ballsy, homes.

    That’s how people get hurt.

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    BlackWhiteRedYellow January 31, 2023 at 4:42 am

    Guys no one is saying you should be littering. Obviously that’s objectively wrong.

    Don’t open people’s car doors. Not for any reason. I know we have a raging justice boner for litterers (they’re disgusting humans), but it’s not worth the risk.

  16. hey my man i respect the sentiment, these littering pieces of shit can get fucked. But remember this is America you can be shot for shit like this. In some states cars are part of your “castle” it would be akin to opening someones front door. Stay safe out there.

  17. Such a lazybones.

  18. life is what you give, if u treat it like shit thats what u get back

  19. “What the? What’s all this doing here? I don’t want garbage laying around.”

  20. Should have shit on her car seat then pissed on it scummy bitch

  21. My dad shoves the trash in their tailpipe lol.

  22. it’s cultural. they don’t see the problem with it.

  23. That’s why you key their car first

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    Narwhal_Thundercunt January 31, 2023 at 4:42 am

    …and this is how ppl get shot.

  25. The most unbelievable thing to me is what might happen randomly opening someone’s door…. Seems like a good way to get seriously hurt/runover ?

  26. nice way to get shot.

  27. Good on you. Also fuck y’all americans in here acting like you can trespass into a car fml go learn the law you mouth breathing carbrains

  28. What were you hoping to get out of this interaction? Were you going to teach them some kind of lesson?

    I understand the impulse, but it just feels like a trashy response to a trashy action. No one looks good in this situation. If you’re that concerned about the trash, which I applaud, why not just throw it out? I don’t really understand the value of this kind of confrontation.

  29. You both suck. In fact, you suck more. What’s the matter with you?

  30. [deleted]

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    Existing_Decision509 January 31, 2023 at 4:42 am

    Miss the days where people would mind your own business instead of someone else

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