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    AlcoholicInsomniac April 5, 2022 at 12:42 am

    I personally believe balance/legend releases have been really really good for apex. But some of the bugs and server issues are insane that they aren’t fixed.

  2. What about the glitches and balance issues that have been in the game for more than 1 season?

  3. Titanfall 2 Player’s- First time?

  4. It’s not about that, Its the fact they only fix things in content updates and almost NEVER do patches/bug fixes on their own unless its starts affecting their sales. They fix price bugs almost instantly but some guns and characters have been bugged/broken for whole seasons at a time in the past.

  5. It’s more about the ones they can’t fix after months or years.

  6. are you kidding? the uh… the games been out for 3 years. are you…. are you aware of this?

  7. Nice low effort meme

  8. Too busy making skins to sell in their “events”

  9. If they can fix the sound issues with footsteps that’s all I need

  10. Bro, its only legit from us pro players to request devs to work faster and better, like we play. The game might be free, but without us its nothing, so we are entitled to them working harder


  11. In the wise words of just do it, “Nike”.

    It’s not that hard, just nike.


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