1. Zemo not being there is a shocker

  2. “Their characters were not revealed.”

    uhhhh…..I think we might have an idea.

  3. Surprised no Abomination or Zemo announcement yet.

  4. **The confirmed line up for Thunderbolts :**

    – **Florence Pugh** – Yelena
    – **David Harbour** – Red Guardian
    – **Sebastian Stan** – Bucky
    – **Wyatt Russell** – US Agent
    – **Hannah John-Kamen** – Ghost
    – **Olga Kurilenko** – Taksmaster
    – **Julia Louis-Dreyfus** – Valentina

  5. At this point I’m all in just for Sebastian Stan as Bucky, such a joy to watch on screen. Not to mention the man portrays PTSD incredibly well, that was something I did not expect from FATWS

  6. So, like 3 (4 if you count Taskmaster) super soldiers and someone who can phase through walls and a Black Widow?

    Doesn’t seem to be a diverse power set on that team as I would have expected.

  7. 26th of July 2024, that seems like a lifetime away. I know it’ll go by like a flash but wow at that date.

  8. What are we? Some kind of Thunderbolts?

  9. Lol “Their characters were not revealed”

    If only there was some indicator of some kind hm

  10. So it’s basically just black widow 2

  11. Who’s Julia LEWIS-Dreyfus?

  12. isnt winter soldier reformed? why is he joining the thunderbolts

  13. Man Florence Pugh’s career is on fire

    she’s going to be in a Nolan and a Denis Villeneuve movie next year and in 2024 she’ll be the lead of an MCU movie.

  14. If Florence Pugh’s leading the whole movie then please for the love of god get her an accent coach.

  15. Julia Lewis-Dreyfus

  16. great team where all but one of these characters do exactly the same thing

  17. >Their characters were not revealed.

    Every single one of these actors has already been in this franchise, we all know what the characters will be though.

  18. I really hope they fix taskmaster in this one, hes so cool in the comics ( i might be biased cause hes my fav villan but), dont rly care about the genderswitch as long as they just like, give her an actuall personality

  19. 1. I’m excited for the comedic chemistry between White Wolf/Winter Soldier, Black Widow/White Widow/Widow/Yelena and the Red Guardian.
    2. Sign me allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way up for Yelena to have a big crush on Bucky (eventually it becomes mutual) but her dad is on the team and comedy ensues from that dynamic.
    3. I’m surprised to see Red Guardian on the team. I wonder if I will wish he was elsewhere so Yelena doesn’t have her dad impacting her dialog and actions.
    4. How OP is the team? That’s a lot of super soldiers and such. Makes me wonder who the baddies they’ll fight will be.
    5. GHOST! I’m a fan of Hannah John-Kamen (Killjoys) and her character was a cool antagonist that was “bad” but only due to circumstances and instead of her dying at the end like most bad guys do, she was saved.
    6. Taskmaster aka Olga Kurylenko… I wonder how much personality (and removal of the helmet) she will have. Will she be the straight faced blunt quippy dry humor having one of the group?
    7. I’m sad to see no Zemo. He is just pure gold in every scene he’s in and I’d love to see him be the brains of the group or something.

  20. Main villainess played by Olivia Wilde

  21. I love david harbour. I’m not excited about this lineup

  22. Ugh they’re keeping that Taskmaster.

  23. > Bootleg Taskmaster

    and that’s a pass from me.

    Should change the name from Thunderbolts to 3 and a half Captain Americas.

    Very underwhelming line up tbh, no Rulk, no Songbird. The MCU kinda short on actual villains these days.

  24. I like Julia but it seems like bad casting for Valentina

  25. Am I the only one who just doesn’t like US Agent? Like at all. I wish he would have just fell off after falcon and winter soldier.

  26. … did *anyone* want more Ghost and Taskmaster? Good God.

    David Harbour is a nice surprise, though. I’m generally excited for the concept and everyone else… hopefully the above two can be canon fodder that die or something. No Zemo is pretty bonkers, though

  27. Are they really gonna try to pull the Citizen V hook?

  28. Well, no one else from I’ve seen has made this joke yet…..so…..”So what, we some kind a….Thunderbolts?”.

  29. >but Thunderbolts revolves around a group of villains who are sent on missions commissioned by the government.

    That’s literally the Suicide Squad.

  30. Kinda shitty lineup tbh. No Zemo or Abomination.

  31. I’m tired. Please give a break Marvel.

  32. I would have liked a team with a more diverse power set. But I’ll take what I can get I guess.

  33. Who gets top billing?

  34. No Punisher? Seemed like the perfect opportunity to me.

  35. How long til we get a West Coast Avengers show?

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