1. She’s hunched over from carrying the weight of these bomb ass recipes for so long. Thank her for her service.

  2. Love the plate technique

  3. Wow! That was incredible to watch…she made it look simple.

  4. Good to see Nona still carrying on the tradition. Been fifteen since mine passed. I still cook her sauce. Ask before it’s too late! About food, recipes and life.

  5. What a legend

  6. le nonne sono le migliori cuoche. I bet it’s delicious

  7. grandma’s ravioli

  8. ravioli is already plural.

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    green_velvet_goodies April 4, 2022 at 9:28 pm

    I’ve never been able to roll dough that smooth and even. Nona’s got the magic touch!

  10. I’m hoping her grandchildren are able to retain knowledge of grandma’s recipes. Pass them on to generations!

  11. Ravioli, ravioli give me the formuoli

  12. This makes me smile so much and also get teary eyed…

    My Nonna would spend hours in the kitchen making Sunday sauce (gravy) and homemade pasta.

    She now has Alzheimer’s, but sometimes if you mention the words “pasta” or “meatballs” she’ll become lucid for a hot second and say “are you hungry? I’ll make you something” and that makes everything better for a little bit.

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    Vast_Newspaper_6699 April 4, 2022 at 9:28 pm

    no one wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli…but i would eat nine cans of her ravioli

  14. Pasta Grannies on YouTube!

  15. “Ravioli” is already plural, but even if it wasn’t and you needed to add an s, you never put an apostrophe in the plural.

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    Slight-Weather7885 April 4, 2022 at 9:28 pm

    You heard of mom’s spaghetti, now get ready for granny’s ravioli

  17. Further confirmation that the process of Italian grandma is focused and skillful and not to be fucked with if one is ever around or to be served

    I admit that if an Italian grandma ever watched what I do with food (despite my own enjoyment), they would likely beat me blue with that rolling pin

  18. What a display of love this is.

  19. A plate! Genius.

  20. I wish I had a Nonna like that. One died and the other is a terrible human being

  21. Ravioli’s what?

  22. Ravioli’s what?

  23. Average italian grandma be like:

  24. I brought a can of Chef Boyardee to her house and she put it in a sock and beat me with it.

  25. This woman needs to rest. I think in a lot of these situations they do it for their family but are really tired and over cooking but will never say it.

  26. r/apostrophegore


    cool post tho

  27. This one is a classic.

  28. I like ravioli

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