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    Aware_Travel_5870 April 4, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    Not Canadian, but my people have more than enough support – my pixels are yours to use.

  2. I’m still placing the grey pixel at 198, 510 every five minutes.

  3. I will try my best. German Canadian, love the heart, and love the help from my relatives across the sea

  4. You guys need more coordination. I keep drawing the duck’s foot with a black dot and it gets erased with a red background. I think not enough Canadians/Canada supporters are aware of this subreddit.

  5. Fighting for the goose <3

  6. IS this the latest plan?

    I’m new here, but the moderation team still has a stickied post that says we should “move locations” to somewhere else.

    Meanwhile the attachment in the below list seems to indicate we’re surrendering the top portion of our space to the bot armies?

  7. Ambitious.

  8. USE THIS SO WE ARE COORDINATED; PROVINCE FLAGS ARE STARTING TOO HIGH -> Overlay link so you can avoid placing pixels manually; instructions are at the bottom: [https://github.com/sssata/canada_place_template](https://github.com/sssata/canada_place_template)


    If you need coords for the grey leaf outline, try this: [https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/959499711679717386/960244231585284146/unknown-20.png](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/959499711679717386/960244231585284146/unknown-20.png)

    Link to Discord for current coordination: [https://discord.com/invite/KhryXmAE2E](https://discord.com/invite/KhryXmAE2E)

  9. I am trying to share this across all the provincial subreddits! <3

    I helped with the new design!!!

    Below is the link to install the updated template overlay for DESKTOP



    Please upvote my posts in the various subreddits for visibility.

    Also fuck r/Alberta mods. (Sorry)

  10. It’s cool and all, but given the level of griefing on the flag, is it even viable?

  11. Which is Ontario and which is Manitoba? Neither one has blue or orange in real life lol

  12. I have just made posts on all of the provincial / territorial subreddits with instructions on how to help – PLEASE GO UPVOTE THOSE POSTS! <3

  13. I don’t think we’ll make it unless we get some bots. We’re getting attacked so often we won’t be able to keep up.

  14. Fuck streamers is all I gotta say on this.

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    radicalizethisgramps April 4, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    The goose is lost again 😢

  16. Man I’m loosing hope someone need to setup a bit for this shit to fight the spammers bots

  17. I’ve spent so many pixels just trying to hold up the four horizontal grey pixels and it just keeps getting griefed

  18. Goose pixels keep getting replaced with red 🙁

  19. And now some streamer invaded with a pickle Rick.

  20. We cant even get our flag for more than a few seconds yet we keep thinking we can expand and add more things?

    2022 will be known as the year Canada want allowed on place.

  21. It’s frustrating that a pickle showed up. I never thought I’d type those words, but here we are.

  22. Maple leaf should be prioritised. The goose is actually doing some unintentional damage, since people is taking it as griefing and replacing it with red. This is an effort lost which should have gone towards the leaf.

  23. Canadain here…. when you can make a maple leaf ill help…

  24. That area is being ‘attacked’ by bots right now, we need more people to even get a chance to get the provinces in.

  25. NB flag team, after me!

  26. To everyone trying to help, please use the overlay : [https://github.com/sssata/canada_place_template](https://github.com/sssata/canada_place_template)

    Most provincial flags are in the wrong place right now

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    Same_Scholar_5860 April 4, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    What are those flag above of Canada flag?

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    shitty_mcfucklestick April 4, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    Maybe the Queen can mobilize the commonwealth to our cause? I’m placing whatever pixels I can.

  29. Start from the edges, guys! Help NWT and Quebec form their flags on the top left and bottom right and we can work in from there

  30. It looks like we are offset from the official plan or is it just me?

  31. Bc is in the wrong spot

  32. Beautiful!

  33. I keep trying to start Quebec’s flag, but it gets replaced by red immediately 🙁

  34. Dropping location of flag with coordinates for those that can’t use the overlay https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/372845388270665737/960580029333536788/unknown.png



  36. I’m trying to start the Quebec flag in the right place but people keep changing my pixels back to red…

  37. Why do the Metis get a flag but no one else does

  38. I’ll help out intermittently, but I’m not crazy active here.

  39. Ok, Nova Scotian here – will concentrate on our flag

  40. I want to see this become a reality! You have my support and my pixels! 🍁🇨🇦

  41. Apparently there is an overlay extension, anyone know any more about that?

  42. Should we give a Dutch shoutout as well, for them creating and maintaining a small Canadian flag in their foothold?

  43. Ok let’s get it done

  44. I’ve started working on the AB Flag – anchor bottom left at 176, 483

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    IfYouLookToYourLeft April 4, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    The C or D Should have one less column and the rest should shift so the name is equidistant from the two flags. The flags in the center left should be shifted left for the same reason. Other wise, LET’S DO IT!

  46. I say we take the Amungus approach and just plant little maple leafs hidden every where

  47. I come with grave news. NATO is under attack at (1400, 1400). Article 5 has been triggered, and we call on all allies to fulfill their duties to defend against this aggression.

  48. I can’t help anymore since yesterday. Not sure why but it says I can’t place a tile for 138000~ hours. I sent messages to the mods but no replies yet.

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