1. Credit to DRG x SOT discord because SOT mods dont like us

    https://discord.gg/dDsGaatq discord link for our community

  2. Updated: It got griefed 🙁

  3. It’s fitting that it is right beneath the old seadog (or well seabear) Käpt’n Blaubär.

  4. It’s being messed with pretty heavily rn. Not sure what group is attacking it.

  5. Cpt. Blaubär

  6. It just got attack guys

  7. Can someone explain to me how I can participate in the canvas? I’m jist too stuoid (or old) to get it.

  8. Robbaz and Halo folks wanna help you retake. Might have to bide our time for a bit

  9. Beautiful!!!

  10. Lads, I think it’s high time we did what pirates do and take what we want. Those douchenozzles won’t let us have our spot back. We need to rally. It’s *our* stupid little square.

  11. Hopefully you bring it back it was one of my favourite items on the canvas.

  12. So are we going to take out place back?

  13. There’s a new one at 510,1940

  14. Mateys, we gotta act quick! Time is running out and we still don’t have a logo on r/place. Where do we build? Do we take the spot back?

  15. Thanks! It took a while to get our own spot though

  16. It’s gone 🙁 Maybe we can make a third one before it ends

  17. It’s not over! Keep up the good work!!

  18. Amogus

  19. I don’t understand what’s going on

  20. I think poland has annexed the sot logo by now:)

  21. that looks AWESOME

  22. Found the imposter hidden in it.

  23. I’ve done my part to create it o7

  24. Someone messing with it now! Needs help


  26. LETS GO 1912 1046

  27. We should have added cannons, obviously for defense

  28. Reply
    Upset-Aardvark4031 April 4, 2022 at 11:56 pm

    What is this a part of?

  29. Reply
    lordofoaksandravens April 4, 2022 at 11:56 pm

    it’s gone 🙁

  30. Can someone explain to an old man what I’m looking at here…

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