1. This desired zig-zag word order is really messed up – it’s also crap when read as r/nosafetysmokingfirst:

    They not your sadness but see your happiness.

    BTW: the “but” looks like “hut” and “sadness”like “yadneyy” …

  2. Oh wow this is truly CHAOTIC

  3. There’s a fucking Narnia fandom?!

  4. Jesus Christ that took me an eternity

  5. I mean, at least it’s in different fonts

  6. I read it as “hut not your sadness” at first. Bad font tbh

  7. sbeve

  8. Reply
    SneaksIntoYourBed April 4, 2022 at 3:47 pm

    Wow it took me an eternity to realize it was supposed to be read in zig-zag, at least it makes sense i guess.

  9. Not being able to see your your must be terrible, really.

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