1. I wish we could know which restaurants give them good/fair treatment, and which ones don’t. I went to Musashi in Sandyford in person and I see how they have chairs for them inside, give them water, let them use the bathrooms, and in general so kind and nice. That gave me flashbacks to many other times in other restaurants where they don’t let them wait inside but they have to be out in the cold/rain while the restaurants has delays, or they don’t even treat them like normal people in a respectful way, or let them use the bathroom. Just something to consider when ordering take away

  2. Especially from April 2020 until March 2021 they were basically the only one’s on the road!

  3. Fair play to them for keeping us fed during lockdown!

    Because of the abuse they get they apparently have an unofficial map of Dublin highlighting the areas to avoid. I’d say it’s also handy for checking out what’s a good area to rent or buy in.

    My only gripe with them is skipping red lights BUT they are delivering me hot food so…

  4. Is that an actual deliveroo guy or one of the ‘deliveroo guys’ that brings me my weed?

  5. Thats the face of a man who’s delivered 52 delivery’s in the span of 2 hours. Respect.

  6. The boots on the ground are good skins. The companies are driving up prices across the board.

  7. Respect.

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    ChallengeSpecialist April 4, 2022 at 9:04 pm

    Please tip the man a pump, hills must be torture with that soft back tire.

  9. Keeping the nose clam economy afloat too

  10. Helping us quickly become the fattest country in Europe. Malta watch out!

  11. Unlike another bunch of wankers only living on dole and demanding all the rights in the world.

  12. Half of our economy now seems to be half the workforce delivering food to the other half.

  13. Bit of an exaggeration tbh

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    EasyApplication4116 April 4, 2022 at 9:04 pm

    They gather like a flock of seagulls on O’connels Street
    Sound lads all the same

  15. The saddest thing is most of these guys have to rent the account off an EU citizen, the wages go to that persons account, then they pass it onto the rider

  16. Are they paying tax, insurance and legally working here?

    Chippers have been getting away with paying lads into the hand for delivery for years but these lads are being victimised. Deliveries have not got cheaper for the customer but now we have a lad pretending to the app he is on a bicycle and turning up in a car and getting paid probably next to nothing.

    No problem with the boys on the bike it’s not their fault but legislation needs to be brought in to stop this gig economy crap.

  17. E-Bike, minus respect

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