1. A little weird calling a dragon fruit “cactus”. Not technically wrong but that’s like calling an apple “tree”. Lol

  2. This is good to see, however, I never want to smell that dog’s breath

  3. This dog eats better than 99% of humanity.

  4. Why is the chicken black?

    Edit: I appreciate the gentle, informative and also humorous comments. I have learned a lot.

  5. This dog can afford more expensive food more than I can

  6. A more accurate description: “rich people without children”

  7. I started feeding my dogs like this and told my vet and she was basically like “the food you feed your dogs has everything they need in it, there is no benefit and some of it can hurt them”

  8. The owner is going to go broke soon. Also happy for the dog

  9. I’d bet like 20 bucks that if a vet saw this dish they’d face palm so hard you could hear their brain rattle

  10. Everybody talking about the dog and I’m here fuming over the guy calling a dragon fruit a “cactus”.

  11. My dog would shit everywhere

  12. Caring? You mean rich, that is a rich dog owner.

  13. This triggers me for some reason

  14. me and my dog watching this after feeding him leftovers

  15. The dog has rich parents who like to show off what they can afford. Full stop. Dog doesn’t give a shit how expensive that nonsense was. Just give it some rotisserie chimken and it’d be STOKED. …I’m surprised I didn’t see any Uni or caviar in there.

  16. This is why the rest of the world hates us.

  17. This is purely performative, I bet the guy would never feed his dog like this if it wasn’t for internet clicks and points. He knows it’s extraordinary, overpriced, and absolutely not efficient, but that’s exactly why people are going to react to it.

  18. There are literally no proven benefits of a raw diet so the caption is a bit misleading but to each their own.

  19. What’s the stuff that he puts in after pig snout? Quail eggs?

  20. … and then he runs outside and eats deer shit

  21. “Caring” is very different from “wealthy”

  22. This makes me sad

  23. If you look reeeeeally closely, all the pills they put in there will still be in the bowl – untouched. Because dogs be like that.

  24. My family dog is 21 years old and all we’ve fed her through the years is kibbles and bits and table scraps

  25. Idiotic

  26. Meanwhile homeless Joe eats out of the Kentucky fried chicken dumpster

  27. they didnt do it for the dog, they did it for social media

  28. Then the owner goes to mc Donald’s

  29. The cost of this dogs meal could feed an African village.

  30. As a person who very recently lost his best friend of 14 years all I can say is.. They are family. Love them and spoil them. We don’t deserve them.

  31. My dog likes to eat rocks

  32. Why’s the chicken grey/black?

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