1. I think my enemies have 361:9 not only can they see everywhere they can see like 3 seconds into the future

  2. Mfers got the fov of a pigeon

  3. While it seems great to have that 32:9, that’s ALOT of screen for my eyes to cover!

  4. Even at 21:9 I’m so rarely looking at the sides of the screen because when you do its COD timing and someone pops out in front of you.

  5. Money based high alert perk

  6. 32:9 is most realistic close to irl vision imo. Wish i could play with that aspect ratio

  7. I love my 32:9! Also for you fellow 32:9 people, you can move the hud elements in so you don’t have to move your head to look at your minimap or your ammo/kill streaks. It’s under Interface > Horizontal HUD position or something of the sort.

  8. Yes but also size

    65 inch 16:9 if you dont have laser perfect vision is quite a boon

  9. When your mom put her dump truck in my face I get a 69:420 view.

  10. I play on 21:9 and it definitely helps at times. Once there’s a gpu that can play 4K 240hz in all games I’m moving up to 32:9

  11. Yes, fantastic, but where can you buy extra pair of eyes to cover this screen space?

  12. SBMM like: suck my situational awareness!

  13. That’s great and all and I know most people probably don’t agree but as a casual player I get more distracted by the warped final 15deg which then makes it harder to focus and hit accurate shots on the middle 90deg. I set my view back from 120 to 100 and everything is a lot easier to see one the move.

  14. I plug my PC to LG C1 65” and i set 32:9 in game options. It’s something like 32″ inch widescreen 32:9. OLED makes it very immersive. Actually it boosts FPS, i have more if i play like this than on native 4k

  15. Can I be honest? As a 21:9 user, I don’t really feel any difference in awareness, like I can see what’s at the ends of my screen, but it’s not clear enough for me to use it to my advantage.

  16. This puts a lot in perspective. Lol

  17. G9 gang rise up

  18. I have a G9 (49” 32:9 monitor). I play on 16:9 windowed. No competitive players play on Ultrawide. It’s too much information to process. If your poor positioning and map awareness necessitate a 32:9, you’ve already lost.

  19. Do you know how to use and take advantage of your Peripheral vision? That what a 32:9 is all about in my opinion.

    It’s not about moving your eyeys from one side to the other. Take the HUD and move it so it’s the same width as a 16:9.

    If you don’t use you peripheral vison then it’s also just a very awesome immersive experience!

  20. Ultrawide isn’t as beneficial for situational awareness in practice as a causual observer may think because your eyes are focused in the center of the screen during gameplay. I have a 21:9 screen. It’s great but I find no competitive advantage with it.

  21. I think 21 by 9 is a perfect middle ground where it’s not that much tunnel vision but it’s not that wide where you have to move your head

  22. none of this will help people if they shot like hellen keller

  23. I can only see out of one eye so these ultrawides would just cause me to snap my neck from the turning

  24. r/ultrawidemasterrace

  25. Well, I seek to be doing just fine with my standard aspect ratio.

  26. Got a 21:9 and I still suck

  27. Nah bruh my enemy’s definitely got like 42:9 way more than 32:9

  28. Yeah also they carry plates because im shooting marshmallow’s and they take 3 more shots to die and im made of sugar because i die instantly all the time

  29. Since they love SBMM so much, maybe we could have Screen-Based Matchmaking?

  30. So you guys ARE cheating! I KNEW IT!

  31. Jesus. This is the view those ultra-wide monitors have? I don’t have the space for one but I see the appeal.

  32. Yeah but doesnt take into consideration how far your eyes have to track.
    Most people when playing are focussing on the centre if the screen and they move the analog or mouse to move their line of sight.
    The line of view is only about 20-30% of the screen that is mostly used.

  33. As long as you never wanna see your map again 32:9 is best.

  34. blows that consoles don’t support ultrawide (and probably never will)

  35. But let’s take away aim assist from console controller players lol PC has so many advantages over console it’s insane. Why was the option to turn off crosssplay in the beta on Xbox but now it’s not?

  36. Back in the day we played Battlefield 1942 on 4:3 and it was great!

  37. One of the many reasons every game should allow an unreasonably high fov

  38. A use 32.9 + a camp and use riot shield + claymore and shotgun

  39. Also more crap to distract you on screen…there’s always a happy medium

  40. It doesn’t really give you any advantage though. If it did every competitive fps gamer and rich high profile streamer would use one. Nobody does. For racing games or open world rpgs it’s the best tho.
    24” is what pros will normally use in a competitive setting but most people still like to play with 27” max for casual competitive fps.

  41. But also the wider your FOV, the smaller the enemy directly in front of you appears

  42. I have 32:9 and I’m steady getting destroyed

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