1. But I love woody the Christmas tree. Every year we sacrifice a child to woody to prevent another Halifax explosion. We have been explosion free for 105 years.

  2. Straight up nightmare fuel.

  3. Oh look, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Christmas special

  4. Ain’t nothn but a squid game

  5. “One last time!” Fuck you, guy. They already shouted as loud as it goes, twice.

  6. Thomas?

  7. I have a feeling this would have traumatized me as a kid

  8. Is this the tree from Thomas the tank engine universe?

  9. This is woody. The city loves him

  10. Looks like Matt Lucas.

  11. It’s cool, I didn’t want to sleep anyway.

  12. Terrifying

  13. Imagine if the actual sound coming out from there are demonic voices.

  14. ![gif](giphy|RIHJGMww0p2IZng2l9)

  15. deeeee-monnn

  16. Thanks op, I’m sure the tree face will haunt my dreams and inner thoughts for years to come.

  17. I really do want to know who was in charge of designing this and why they thought this was anything but nightmare inducing uncanny valley shit.

  18. its satan claus

  19. Hey, I live here 🙂

  20. On the toilet when seeing this..

    Stopped peeing out of fear

  21. This is cute. Im sorry but I grew up with talking trains who would get angry and derail themselves and bears that shot lazers out their chest and we just breezed over the obvious cost of human life that these things inflicted on the world in the name of love and kindness. Theres turtles living in the sewer that beat up humans. Theres a super hero that can be summoned by children to melt roads into lava to swallow up contracted construction workers because he couldnt come to a legal understanding with the contractor. Chuck Norris and friends fought eco terrorists who used catapults to fire alligators at people. From a very young age all of us are introduced to rage, fear, and extreme biological warfare in heart warming stories about working as a team. This thing doesnt even have arms. It doesnt have legs. This is one of the least scary childrens thins out there. There used to be a dog who would take the kid who loved him through different time periods, almost killing him an untold number of times, for entertainment. Pull yourself together.

  22. What in the Thomas the tank engine?

  23. So is it a big flesh cone under there? Or more of a traditional tree with skin and all veiny?

  24. As a child, if I saw this, I would have screamed and cried like I was being kidnapped. Pure nightmare fuel.

  25. Welp I am having nightmares tonight see you all later

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