1. Can I bitch about Razer real quick cuz I don’t really know where else to bitch about them?

    I’m a gamer with missing fingers. Razer makes the best re-mappable keypad I’ve ever had, it makes gaming a lot easier for me. I love their hardware.

    God do I hate literally everything else about Razer. I hate their software. I hate their culture. Razer drivers alone utterly refuse to work constantly. I’ll frequently get into states where everything is working EXCEPT my keypad, and nothing short of a hard-reboot will fix it, which I never notice until I’m online with friends or streaming. I wish anyone else made the device I like.

    That is all.

  2. Can we not post corporate ads? Like yeah it’s the meme, but on the other hand it’s completely artificial.

  3. 100% satire

  4. This belongs in r/FellowKids

  5. r/HailCorporate

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