1. “Did you do the thing the thing explicitly stated not to do?”


    “You fucking donkey.”

  2. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get instantaneous and potentially serious burns on your hand, arms, and potentially upper chest, neck, and head..

    Also, God help you if you get that boiling, glycol infused water in your eyes….

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  3. Those guys laughing while their buddy has 2nd degree burns

  4. Those who don’t read, feel.

  5. I’ve done my share of stupid crap in life (thankfully pre-smart phone), but thank God I never had friends stupid or callous enough to stand there laughing if I got blasted in the face with scalding water.

  6. r/IdiotsOutsideCars 😂

  7. Not to worry, that microfiber towel definitely protected him from the explosive decompression

  8. Why would you do this, just wait for it to cool.

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    Illustrious_War9870 December 1, 2022 at 1:37 am

    You’re not faster than steam.

  10. Oil in coolant = blown head gasket. Rip bmw.

  11. This happened to my dad like 35 years ago and it made his skin turn into big bubbles. Omg it was sooooo painful for him and he never showed his pain except that one time

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    AgressiveSillySteing December 1, 2022 at 1:37 am

    I had an old Toyota 2 door as My first car. It was old when I got it, having gone through many owners already.

    Living in a hot state with highways that regularly stood still with traffic, my pos car overheated often.

    I kept gallon jugs of water, because that’s what I could afford atm. And you guessed, took the cap off while hot all the time. I kept a giant towel in my car, tossed it over and used an old oven mit to grab and turn.
    Would give it a 1/4 turn and wait. 1/4 turn and wait. So on. I did this probably for the 50th time once with my Dad with me. HE WAS HORRIFIED.

    Never did it again. Had to replace the car cause I could no longer get to work on time if I couldn’t open the cap while hot and some joker tossed a rock the size of my head throug the windsheild.
    Totaled the car as a new windsheild cost more than the car was worth hahahaha.

    Was a sad day it got towed to the junkyard.

  13. Im a little radiator short and stout, here is my fan and here are the bugs, when I get a little steamed up hear me shout, then unscrew my lid and burn your face off.

  14. How did he get his E36 to run so cool?

  15. This is just stupidity, not abrupt choas. It says on the cap not to do it.

  16. I think that engine is on the way out. Clearly maintenance has not been handled as seen from the rusty color.

  17. Dumb question lol, but idk anything about cars. Obviously I think I would have enough common sense not to do anything to a car while it’s really hot (nor would I do anything if I didn’t know what the hell I was doing), but what’s going on here? What happened and why? What was he trying to do?

  18. Ah love the nice rust color of that fluid, a sure sign of love and affection the owner shows for his car.

  19. r/PraiseTheCameraMan for capturing perfectly not only the hot steam coming out of the car, but the idiot in the background screaming in pain

  20. “Das Auto”

    I know it’s the wrong car company but they’re both German.

  21. All jokes aside we need videos like this going in rotation on a daily basis. No one was killed but a valuable lesson of what not to do to a running car.

  22. Lmao, it’s written on the radiator cap, the radiator, the reservoir, and probably at least 1 other place, and HE STILL fucked it up.

    Like bruh, you’ve got no excuses here… The fact that it was steaming the way it was should have also been a clue that this was a super bad idea. Not to mention the fact that this is the information age and he could have googled it! AND THE CAR WAS FUCKING RUNNING

  23. Car was still running only real reason to do that is to run the heater and draw out heat but even then it’s probably better to just turn it off and let it cool naturally so you don’t ruin it further.

    Also it looks like it was blowing chunks so poorly maintained as well this is probably why it was overheating I’m the first place.

  24. Dude this is so beyond stupid

  25. Saw this happen to a little boy when I was a kid. Sprayed allllll over his back. Luckily my stepmom is a RN, so she snatched him up and immediately threw him in our shower. Might have saved his life, definitely saved his skin.

    They had broken down and happened to stop right in front of our house, like they were coming for a visit. My family just happened to be outside hanging out on the porch. Their kids had got out of the car to stretch and run around a little and my dad was with their dad, trying to help. They had the hood up and had figured out it was overheating and right before my dad realized what he was about to do and scream “NO! DON’T!” this foolish man pulled the radiator cap. Geysered just like the video and his 7 year old son caught ALL of it on his back 😳

  26. He’s got 3rd degree steam burns, it’s so funny!

  27. I’m currently on the toilet and this car is my spirit animal.

  28. Gotta let the air in to cool it off better

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    SemiSentientGarbage December 1, 2022 at 1:37 am

    I wonder how much skin he lost.

  30. Ohhhh it looks like chocolate milk.

    That’s a blown head gasket

  31. This is what I fear will happen every time I open any cap on my car for any reason if the engine is still warm

  32. I know very little about cars, and even my dumbass knows not to do this

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