1. He’s currently fighting his inner demons

  2. It looks like his nose is twitching slightly too

  3. bro istg they’re doing literally everything with black eyes sans (like hornet, hollow night, and one piece)

  4. Ah yes, that one Nintendo Switch left eye

  5. bruhh im always trying to fix his eyes when people turn them cyan or red lmao![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2460)

  6. I can just hear caramelldansen playing from inside his head

  7. The white is correct, but the black isn’t incorrect tbh, funny to think about.

  8. Sunny shouldn’t have eaten that steak

  9. Argore alternating between orange/blue attacks be like:

  10. Dude I’ve been trying to fix this shit for like half an hour now

  11. Now I know how the one piece fans feel with the jolly roger

  12. Sunny has disco eyes now I guess

  13. Sunny eating the steak, becoming sans, and having a seizure

  14. Where is this I can’t find it

  15. Sunny ate the mushrooms in his back garden to see the white space again

  16. Its been like that for 24 hrs ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2470)

  17. and his nose too

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    imsofckingcomputer April 4, 2022 at 10:09 pm

    sometimes he cries πŸ’€

  19. Guys we need to save the void

  20. Holy shit im one of the white ones!

  21. I fixed his eyes from being red 🀝![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2028)

  22. headspace trying to escape from sunnys head

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    StupidPolishPerson April 4, 2022 at 10:09 pm


  24. i was fixing that all of yesterday

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