Sun – 1 hour prominence timelapse

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+2373 – Sun – 1 hour prominence timelapse

2022-04-04 12:25:14 [+2373] |

Sun – 1 hour prominence timelapse from Astronomy

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  1. equipment:

    150mm achromat refractor cosmos brand Daystar quark chromosphere filter Erf uv/or cut Celestron AVX mount, night polar aligned

    Aquisition: 1000 frames each 30 second interval

    Processing: Stacked in as!2 Waveletes in registax Enhances and false-colored on Photoshop including unsharp mask and curves.

  2. The sun looks like he’s trying to reference the sun from the Japanese opening of Dragon Ball. Try again douchebag

  3. Wow this is beautiful! What I don’t get is how can we see the sun with this kind of detail, but surveillance cameras are horrible!

  4. Damn. Nice

  5. Why does the top part of the loop get brighter for a short-period?

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    Illustrious_Onion805 April 5, 2022 at 1:08 am

    what’s that bolt looking flash of light? is it the particles hitting the lense

  7. Unbelievable that you are able to see the sun like this from our planet.
    Thank you very much for these amazing pictures!

  8. Magneto gettin busy on the sun

  9. r/explainlikeimfive how does this happen?

  10. This is really pretty to look at tbh

  11. What kind of spacesuit did you have on? Where can I get one?

  12. Damn that material is moving rapidly

  13. Just curious, have you tried processing with IMPPG instead of Registax? If you have, how does the two program compares? Also, what program do you use for animations? Your solar captures and animation are incredibly amazing.

  14. Damn… that’s hot 🥵

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    Ornery-Tennis-8788 April 5, 2022 at 1:08 am


  16. Solar ejections,pretty cool 😎

  17. What kind of size/speeds are we looking at? Can the earth fit in the shot if it was next to the prominence?

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