1. Thought the whole Cett manor incident took 3 minutes?

  2. ***Makes the double Lopen gesture towards you***

    ^(This insult was not requested by anyone. My Creator is storming stupid, that’s all.)

  3. I liked how in Era 2 Brandon tones Allomancy and Feruchemy down by having just 1 power per person, but sometimes I miss the absolute powerhouses that were mistborns and full feruchemists… I wish Sanderson writes another one in the future, either as a protagonist or as a villain. Can you imagin what Vin could’ve done with bendalloy, for example?

  4. Tindwyl was right that having your unkillable death machine warrior be a traumatized unstable teenage girl was not going to end well.

  5. As a complete aside, this has bothered me about Kaladin in this most recent book, he seems to have absolutely no issues killing others, just a lot of depression around not being able to keep everyone else from getting killed, weird character arc for me with the lack of reflection there

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