1. It’s definitely doing real harm. Ask someone from child protective services what defines abuse…

  2. Please God tell me someone called the actual authorities and didn’t just screen shot and shame them here? Please?

  3. Good lord, hitting a four month old?!?! That poor little baby is in danger, and his mom probably is too if dad is that abusive to a literal infant.

  4. Who the fuck hits a 4 month old baby for crying? Does this jackass also shake the baby when it cries too much?

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    Spirited-Armadillo66 January 31, 2023 at 3:16 am

    Oh my gosh. Fucking horrifying. Take the baby and run!

  6. If he’s doing this now, what will happen when LO is older? Protecg your kid. He gets therapy, or he gets out.

  7. 4 months?!? JFC! I hope someone called CPS. You should not be losing your temper on a 4 MONTH OLD!

  8. Is your child old enough to understand reason when they’ve done something wrong? No? Then they’re not old enough to know why they’re being spanked.

    Is your child old enough to understand reason when they’ve done something wrong? Yes? Then they’re old enough for you to use reason instead of spanking them.

    Don’t spank your kids. It doesn’t help shit.

  9. Good god, I don’t get why parents spank their kids. It’s been proven time and time again that spanking does nothing but physically and psychologically hurt your child. It’s literal child abuse. Parents who do that need to be punished and re-educated on the subject, because they clearly don’t understand how damaging it could be.

  10. Well hopefully she got the answers she needed to hear and will get tf away from that dude

  11. This is doing real harm. It’s Psychological and still abuse. I grew up around this, please don’t let your child grow up around it too.

  12. If this is a surprise WTF did she talk about when pregnant.

    It is assault on a defenceless baby ffs.

    Get him jailed

  13. Omg wtf?! Imagine spanking a baby! That poor child I just got chills reading this. My baby is 9 months old and has her moments of yelling at me but I couldnt imagine yelling or spanking her

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    FarVeterinarian4971 January 31, 2023 at 3:16 am

    What the actual hell? A 4 month old? Really? The poor baby does not have any idea why it’s being “spanked” to begin with! Who knows what goes on when the mother isn’t around! This poor tiny baby only understands the shock of being hit and responds to it with crying even harder because now on top of being hungry, needing a diaper change, or whatever caused him to cry in the first place, he’s being “spanked”. Not to mention the irreparable damage that can occur from a grown ass man SCREAMING into the ears of such a tiny infant because it started crying even louder from the shock of being hit!! I’m sorry, but if my husband had EVER, even once, done anything like that to any of our kids, he wouldn’t be around much longer to have the opportunity to do it again.

  15. The fact she’s saying it’s not doing any real harm is crazy

  16. Screams in his ear 😳. What an abusive fuk.

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    Loud_Situation_4682 January 31, 2023 at 3:16 am

    Your husband is abusing your infant.
    Get him away from that baby, NOW.

  18. “Ah yes, I know just what to do to sooth this distressed infant. I shall hit it.”

  19. Beyond insane. If true then the various agencies involved in child protection need to be urgently mobilised and get that kid away from this horrific madness. And both parents need locking up. Even if untrue, it’s a seriously sick mind that would even conjure this up for ‘likes’ and/or banter!

  20. There are so many ways this does real, lasting harm to a baby. A baby that is put into a more stressful situation (screaming at an already screaming baby) causes the baby’s body to produce more cortisol and stress hormones. If the child is scared frequently enough, the high levels of stress hormone can slow brain development. So, no, the baby won’t have a memory of “dad screamed at me when I was 4 months old”. Instead they’ll have intense, uncontrollable outbursts, and emotional regulation problems which sets them up for all kinds of problems in school/life.

    Source: me. Thanks dad.

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    midnightstreetlamps January 31, 2023 at 3:16 am

    There’s a reason they posted anonymously – they know if they didn’t, CPS would be introduced, even by strangers on Facebook. Smh.

  22. Once upon a time I was dating and lived with my boyfriend and his 3yo daughter. One night she was doing what little ones do and throwing her soft rubber ball at him. So he would play with her instead of his video game.

    Before I even knew what was happening he stood up and grabbed her by both wrist and whipped off his belt.

    I moved at a speed I didn’t know I could and ripped the belt out of his hand. Scooped her up and took her to her bed, told her not to scream and stay in her bed. Closed her door (which normally led to her crying because it was too dark) and returned to the living room.

    Told him if he ever tried to hit her with a belt again I would beat him with it.

  23. My spouse wouldn’t have survived the first time, let alone be able to REPEATEDLY do it….

  24. This makes me physically sick

  25. Step 1: dont procreate with those people

    If Step 1 is failed, report him to police

  26. I get that she’s saying he’s “not doing it too hard” but the fact that he’s doing it *at all* is a problem. While it may or may not be illegal depending on the different jurisdictions they might be in, he’d still benefit from a parenting class where they can go over appropriate developmental expectations for children as they age.

    I don’t care what your position on physical discipline is, it’s simply ignorant to believe that a 4 month old could possibly benefit or learn from being spanked. This is a child that doesn’t even have a concept of “I” or of something not in its immediate line of sight existing on its own. And if a child doesn’t understand why they’re being punished, then they can’t learn.

  27. If my man was to SPANK our infant I would be putting my hands on him and calling the cops. Absolutely not. We’ve agreed to not spank our kids at all. Studies show that it doesn’t work and it is so damaging! When I was pregnant my man was definitely on the “I’m going to spank our kids with a belt when they act out” bullshit. I said “so when you have a hard day I should hit you???”. Now our daughter is 21 months and he says he can’t imagine hitting her and he doesn’t think the man who loves her most should put his hands on her like that. AMEN. He’s now so committed to respectful parenting. There are times I slip up and raise my voice a little or say things that I shouldn’t (like, “Why are you crying again?”). He reminds me she’s a tiny person with big feelings and I’m her safe space. Gentle/respectful parenting isn’t easy, but God damn, my kid is worth it!

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