1. Its a rare thing for a child character to work, first of all because of the fact that someone in the game might not like that a child is being hurt. Other reasons are other reasons. They’re an interesting concept but be VERY careful and check in with every player.

  2. I never have heard of anyone playing a “loli” who was not a weirdo at best, or a straight up creep.

    That includes a friend of mine who had a table with one dude who was playing a vampire with a loli wife.

  3. Don’t worry! She’s a half halfling elf and she’s like 500 years old!

  4. What race is that? Is it broken? What combos can you do with it? Is this some new unearth arcana

  5. “Don’t care about balance” mfs when I ask if I can play a level 20 character for Lost Mines:

  6. Balance affects fun. It’s not about a competitive advantage. If one PC is far more powerful than the rest, then it hurts everyone’s fun. But if everyone’s OP then you’re fine because they can just fight harder monsters.

  7. Banning things for mechanical reasons, lore reasons, and ethical reasons are all quite different

  8. In my opinion, I believe the biggest issues some groups have during play comes from a lack of communication. This includes players boundaries, the tone of the game, and other such factors. When these boundaries are effectively communicated and reciprocated, it will often make for some of the most enjoyable sessions.

    In a group I was playing with, one of my friends characters was a technically a “loli”, at least appearance wise. She was a playing a Lightfoot Halfling that had just become an adult, and decided to go on an adventure. Apearence wise, the character looked a small child with bright purple hair. Essentially peak anime loli appearance. Despite this, nothing weird ever really happened. After a few sessions, once the party dynamic started to set in, she was essentially like the naive younger sibling of the group. Her personality though was essentially a 21 yet old from a sheltered households trying to live her adult life to the fullest.

    My character, a middle aged human wild magic sorcerer/rogue essentially became her “cool uncle” if you get what I mean. Teaching her the ropes to being an “adult”, which was mainly drinking, gambling, and general tomfoolery. He lived in the Feywild for a potion of his adult years, so he learned how to party from the best. I remember the game being a lot of fun.

    Lots of games players come to TTRPGs for many a reason, and it’s an unfortunate fact that not all people or play styles can easily mesh together. Some people come for serious roleplay, while others may come for mostly “shits and giggles”. Nothing is inherently wrong with either, but it is something to keep in mind when playing with others. If you feel that you don’t mesh well with a player or group, there is nothing wrong with speaking out or even leaving. If your not having fun, then why are you even playing?

    And just to be clear, I am not saying that there are never instances where this is done poorly. Just look at r/rpghorrorstories
    All I am saying is that while there are certainly instances of actual creeps playing such characters for horrible reasons, there are also cases where, in the right environment, this kind of character has been played very well.

  9. Some red flags you really just can’t ignore

  10. I had a reeeeally weird dude in some of my campaigns years ago, friend of the group, and i ended up having to add those sort of rules.

  11. If you call any of my female halflings a loli, I will have furious words with you. They are *shortstacks* and you will *respect the genre.*

  12. that sounds like a halfling reflavoured to look like that other short race in final fantasy

  13. Those fuckers are the reason I didn’t make a PC based B.B. Hood from Darkstalkers. Sometimes, I just want to roleplay as a cute little girl who has too much fun slaying monsters.

  14. “I’m just converting my FF14 character, I swear!”

  15. I legit was told to not play my character as a loli once for a game that sadly never came to fruition. I was playing a 330 year old Drow Necromancer who, by fucking up a spell, regressed in age to where she looked like a young child and cannot age anymore. She’s essentially trapped in a youthful hell where she can’t drink or do drugs or die naturally and she’s forgotten all but a few spells, essentially starting her work from the very beginning.

    The DM realized I was going to make her NPCs lives a living hell by cursing and dissecting animals in front of them for science and had her dressed like a goddamn mole person, and she immediately felt relief lol

  16. First thing I thought of here was either Maple or the two hammer wielding sisters, can’t remember their names, from the anime BOFURI or on the opposite end of the spectrum you have Rebecca from Edgerunners. It can be done, just has to have the right person behind the character. You can usually tell pretty quick if they are the right person though so it’s an easy situation to ax early on.

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    Admirable-Hospital78 November 26, 2022 at 4:08 pm

    Didn’t end up playing him but a backup PC was a preteen elf adopted by other human PC’s parents. After parents died of old age guardianship fell to his brother. The brother was a 63yo grizzled old man… and the younger brother. Yes I know elves age like humans RAW, but come on grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands. With Jake the Human and Finn the Elf. The fun will never end, it’s Adventure Time!

  18. Question:

    Am I allowed to play a goblin?

  19. Just having child characters in and off itself isn’t a bad thing. If the player makes it a problem/fetish, by all means kick them out.

    But that’s a problematic player, not a problematic character idea.

    But there are some great stories that can be told through the lens of an innocent child.

    Learning about the world, growing up, confronting reality as you mature. Trauma and violence would affect them much more (which.. if you aren’t comfortable with, then still say no, but this isn’t a universal opinion).
    Loss of innocence as they kill their first enemy, and so much more.

    Or imagine your campaign takes place over a longer time, with generous time skips. If you start as a 10 y.o. you might end up a 20 y.o. by the end of the campaign. That’s a sense of progress that’s harder to do with older characters.

    Also, you have an intrinsic relation to the rest of your party. How do they feel about bringing a child into these kinds of dangerous situations? Perhaps one of them becomes somewhat of a parental figure? What values would you learn from your fellow party members?

    There’s a lot you can do which doesn’t put a child into a sexual context at all.

  20. I think it’s okay to play little girl as long as you don’t do a creep thing.

    We have a guy play Beast totem Barbarian little girl who think everything is edible and our bard who become her adoptive mother has to stop her from eating everything she can grab.

    Not stop her from biting every enemy she see tho.

  21. Still better than than one player who would take in NPC children and groom them

  22. My brother is playing a Loli barbarian, but I guess he is kind of excused since he himself is like 14 yo.
    Other than that it’s a super fun character and over the years one of my favorites.

    Seeing my brother who is this super masculine dude with raging hormones and God awful attitude at times doing a 180 at the table and roleplaying that little girl who would go to war to save a dog and stamps a pink cat paw on all of hers possessions is priceless. Honestly the best meme of the campaign and a glue that keeps the party alive and together.

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    Lesbiancarpetmuncher November 26, 2022 at 4:08 pm

    I will not give up my psycho loli.

    Well , mostly cause she’s a half hag that uses disguise self to trick perverts but I WILL NOT GIVE UP THE LOLI

  24. MIATA; but these kind of threads make me think I am playing in an entirely different version of DnD than the freaks in here. Sheesh.

  25. I mean yea, it’s not even an in game rule to say “no pedophiles allowed”

    If anything it’s not even a rule, it’s the standard

  26. Some people need a ban from life.

  27. The loli alone isn’t bad, it’s usually the player themselves that’s the problem

  28. I mean, I don’t see what’s wrong with playing a child character as long as they’re not sexualised? You’re also not a half-dragon.

  29. I tried making a teenager elf (99 years old). i hope that is not a loli.

  30. r/dndmemes clutching the weirdest pearls

  31. Don’t need bans, just need a stern No some times

  32. Interesting language fact: Loli was never really meant to describe children in the context of characters. It was supposed to be for a “short and petite or youthful-looking *woman* with an innocent personality”. Woman, as in adult female. People know adults can be short and innocent, right?

  33. So their PC is a Kender, the newly added WotC race.

  34. I think there is a pretty big gap between banning a sentient pile of ooze and banning pedophila….but that’s just me.

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