1. Sigma: I don’t have such weaknesses

  2. Sombra is basically wearing socks, makes footsteps quiet and gives her flexibility, good choice

    Sigma is barefoot but it doesn’t matter cause the guy isn’t touching the ground anyway

    Doomfizr is barefoot but is actually walking around, pretty dumb to not wear shoes

    Reaper is just wearing boots

    Moira is wearing some pointy ass shoes that look way too heavy

    Widowmaker is wearing HIGH heels, just about the worst choice for fighting

    3 out of 6 ain’t bad

    Edit: Didn’t notice the “doomfizr”

    …I’m keeping it

  3. I like to think the playable Talon heroes and their outfits are the barrack gossip of the Talon rank-and-file.

  4. Man, Megamind is such a great movie.


  6. This asshole is insulting Megamind’s fit.

  7. Doesn’t she fight in pumps?

    Widow makes sense because she hardly walks – she spidermans around

    Also if OW2 doesnt make her ass jiggle when she shoots, game is dead on release istg

  8. They know freaks are gonna look at their feet. So might as well give them a show.

  9. yeezy boots

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