1. What fairy type does to a mf

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    Ornery-Coach-7755 April 4, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    Musharna was publ on gen 6??

  3. clefable is in ou dpp, and in fact one of the best pokemon in the tier

    edit: again nvm it is uu, despite being the third best pokemon in ou. lol.

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    jerrygergichsmith April 4, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    Nidoking may have the nicer looking trajectory, but Nidoqueen is such a chill mon being in lower tiers but being able to punch above her tiering.

  5. **Creator’s note**

    We temporarily go back to a grey graph in order to cover the moonstone evolutions! These contain some of the more interesting mons, as the moon stone sorta symbolised Space, but also just moonlight? Idk, its definently a weird one, and it has a VERY mixed set of mons on it. The saddest part is Wigglytuff, which could have been so great, if only it had a better movepool and a better phys attack stat (Its name and anime demeanor makes it seem like such a boxer) But thats my personal take, which you’re not here for haha

    I also tried making the colored border a bit thicker, but according to recent comments I might need to make it EVEN THICKER. So I think I might try that in the next one (?)

    Also, according to reddit analytics (the new feature), my graphs get tens of thousands of views, along with houndreds of shares. Ngl thats pretty cool.

    * *So a fun discussion question: What Pokémon do you think should have had the moon stone as an evolution method instead of what it currently has?*

    This graph is based on SMOGONs tier listings. Not VGC, not doubles, and not a mixture or esitmation. The date of creation is noted on the graph, so if any information is wrong in the future, it will likely be due to some of these mons changing tiers as the metagame progressed.

    Next we will look at the moon stone evolutions, lets see how the extraterrestrial stone affected mons and made them mutate into amazing creatures.

    ~~**If you got any fun ideas for mons I can show in graphs, write them down as a reply, I will ofcourse give you credit for the idea.**~~

    **This is usually the part where I ask you to donate ideas…but I am sad to inform you that this series is nearing its end. I have decided to move on to other projects, and I think its time for this sub to get a bit of a break from these posts. So I THINK we will finish with a part 40, followed by a Finale post (a part 41 if you will) it might be one more or less, not sure. But until then, thanks for all the support and I hope these last posts sets a good legacy for this series:D**


    Also, a good presentation requires sources. So here are all the elements I used to make this.

    – [The linegraph was made in this online program.](https://www.canva.com/graphs/) Its a bit tricky to maneuver, but I wanted to do something different than paint.net for a change

    – The pictures at the end are sprite icons from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. Although, as for where to get them, I am not sure if I can legally share that?

    – The image was edited in paint to remove and add some feature that I could not do anything about in the graph program.

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    Subject-Hovercraft92 April 4, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    Cool graph. Interesting how gen 1 was nidokings worst generation but makes sense with psychics everywhere. Also gen 4 nidoqueen is its worst ranking but is pretty much ou now after the gen ended.

  7. How being given a secondary typing changes my life

    -Clefable and Wigglytuff (2022)-

  8. I find it interesting that they all been in nu at one point in time but none of them ever stayed in nu

  9. On a side note, you know what I don’t understand about the Moon ball? That it only catches Pokémon that evolve with the Moon Stone at a higher rate, it should also include Pokémon that evolve at night

    Also, weird to see Musharna in this list. Forgot it evolved with a Moon Stone

  10. It’s good to be the king.

  11. Clefable is essentially OU in Gen 4, but since tiering never gets updated anymore and Clefable mainly rose after people saw it in XY, it still reads as UU so that’s why its UU here

  12. Was expecting wigglytuff and musharna to be in higher tiers because fat pink blobs usually rank high (~~mandela~~ blissey effevt i guess)

  13. Nidoking: **So… how did it go?**

    Clefable: **Well, they made fun of me for my looks and stats. So in return, I made fun of them for their uselessness.**

  14. Nidoking and Nidoqueen are indeed a surprise.

  15. I got some reason I always forget that Munna evolves with a moon stone. I always think it’s friendship for some reason.

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