1. Lol does Conor finally see the light that WWE might be a better option for him at this point?

  2. He would still gas

  3. Until he got coked out and started throwing real punches at some 6’6 275 meathead like Lesnar

  4. I think Conor would lose a shit ton of momentum when people realized how small he actually is. Especially compared to some of the giant men in the WWE. Even a lot of the “small” wrestlers are over 6 foot and 200lbs

  5. We get it the fights are fake however the $15 million checks they cut are very very real lol

  6. He’s been in the WWE basically for the last 2 years anyway, he’s just not on the payroll.

  7. Zero wrestling background and openly critical of it might be a place to start. He likes steroids though, so that’s a plus

  8. What would his “finisher” be? A left hand? It’s not like he is Lex Luger with a “Metal Plate” in his forearm.

  9. Of course he’d rule wwe. Matches have a pre determined outcome. This way he can actually start winning again

  10. Too coked up to stay on script. Would probably kill one of the geriatric fucks by accident when doing a spot.

  11. He would be a shitty wrestler though. He will have to tone down his promos A LOT, but not too worried about that.

    He will look small as hell in WWE and what moves is he actually going to do? Encircling your opponent, front kicking their knee and throwing clearly held back punches does not make for an entertaining match.

  12. Can only win if it’s scripted these days

  13. ![gif](giphy|xUPN3lfnP2xGC6LPRS|downsized)

    Him and Hornswoggle would make a great tag team

  14. Guy could start the attitude era part 2… real talk

  15. Why are we still talking about that douche?

  16. He’s a wee bit too small, chap.

  17. Can’t believe I’m saying this – I would love to see Logan Paul vs Conor McGregor in WWE

  18. Do MMA fans like WWE?

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    heyitsthephoneguy April 4, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Yeah I mean, you could curse this dude out all you want and hate him for what he is…. But there is, without question, a TON of intention put into his behavior and personality brand. And while he’s made money hand over fist by being very successful in his sport, he’s also paved quite a road for himself to continue making money once he’s past his prime.

    The dude chose heel, bet all his chips and ran with it, and he will undoubtedly get whatever he wants because of it.

  20. Brilliant move

  21. WWE is fake and gay

  22. dude nobody cares about the wwe

  23. Only way he can win is if it’s scripted lmaoo

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    AShogunNamedShitbag April 4, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Well he might as well fight where his fanbase is.

  25. The Conor dick smelling on this page never fails. Dude is washed. Hasn’t fought in nearly a year, lost 3/4ast fights. Casual mma fans still ride his dick. Do y’all even watch the sport?

  26. [deleted]

  27. Trying his best to make himself relevant

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