1. Virat Kohli seeing this : Prathishta, Parampara, Anushaasan

  2. Look what playing for Punjab has done to my Bangalore boy. They butchered his soul.

  3. Commentator kya bola? Passion oozing out ya agressive fielding changes?

  4. Koach: Identity theft is not a joke

  5. Why is he calling Ben Stokes? I thought he wasn’t in this IPL?

  6. when you say you want to play aggressively and you mean it!!

  7. Jeet Raha to inta anger, har raha hoga tab to Joote fek hogi

  8. Basics of Captainship.

  9. He looks animated after becoming a captain.

  10. Lmao sasta Virat kohli

  11. Is this Mayank?

  12. Now that’s some agressive field change

  13. He reminds me of virat as a captain.

  14. Mayank 2.0 version.

  15. Me : asking reach to come…

  16. Virat’s aggression is the best

  17. What have seen Mayank as a captain:
    He’s definitely not cool head on the field, always look like he is boss of the team, not calling players in respectful way. Being over aggressive on field.

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    notGeneralReposti April 4, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Tryouts for the Wagah border ceremony?

  19. Did the aircraft land ?

  20. Koach’s legacy lives on

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