rest in peace to my sweet baby Holly. she passed away during…

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+8066 – rest in peace to my sweet baby Holly. she passed away during her spay due to surgery complications, they don’t know the exact cause yet. she was only 6 months old.

2022-04-04 17:24:03

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    Ok_Detective_8446 April 5, 2022 at 6:38 am

    when the vet called me, i thought it was to tell me she was ready to be picked up, and i was so excited. then i heard the vet introduce herself instead of a vet tech or receptionist and i knew it was bad news. she said “Holly had some complications during her spay” and i kept hoping she’d say “but she’s okay now” or “she’s stable” but she instead told me she passed away.

    the vet said they’d “never lost an animal like this” and “have always been able to revive them” but why not Holly. why my sweet little Holly? they said they don’t know the exact cause.

    i can’t even put into words how much pain i’m in. i’ve had her since she was 2 months old, she was my little buddy. she slept in my bed every night and followed me around the house. she knew my voice and would come running to me. i thought i’d have the next 15 years with her, i thought she’d meet my future kids.

    the past week i hadn’t spent much time with her, i was working and hanging out with my friends. we didn’t even spend last night alone together bc my bf was there, she slept with us and cuddled but it wasn’t just me and her like it’s always been. i feel so guilty.

    she was such a special cat. so confident, so brave, so cuddly, so sweet, and so funny. i’m sitting in my room which is full of her things and i can’t stop crying, knowing i’ll never see her play with anything again. knowing i’ll never cuddle her again. i didn’t even kiss her before she went in, i just said “i love you so much baby”. i thought i’d get to kiss her when she was home but now she’ll never come home. it’s so unfair to her.

  2. So very sorry for your loss. Complications are rare during routine surgery but sometimes do occur. I will light a candle in remembrance of her tonight when I get home.

  3. I was a vets assistant for years and I always remember this happening once – Fudge was a wee ginger kitty and she was this elderly gentleman’s only companion – Fudge sadly died on the operating table and, as this was in the years well before mobile phones, we couldn’t get in touch with her daddy at all – he turned up unexpectedly to pick her up and I was the one to tell him that she didn’t make it….. I will never forget that man’s face when I told him she wasn’t coming home – we had laid her out on a fluffy blanket and I witnessed a very tearful and emotional farewell- fair broke my heart 💔 I’m so very sorry for your loss 🥺

  4. I’m so sorry. She likely has an undiagnosed condition that didn’t play well with the anesthesia. Doesn’t make the loss any easier.

  5. I can relate to a sudden, unexpected loss of a loved cat. Eevee, who i had found as a kitten out on the streets, was perfectly healthy. I brought her in at least once a yr for checkups, did blood tests so they would have a baseline if she got sick, all of that. Yet, the vet had no idea why she suddenly stopped eating. We tried some meds until they could do more thorough blood work. Nothing turned up, but before we could go over next steps, she collapsed. They put her on oxygen for a short stint, but the vet told me at this point it was best to put her down. She was only 5.

    I’ll never know what happened, & it kills me. You obviously loved Holly a lot, so I extend all my empathy. Losing someone you love never stops hurting, & I know I carry that trauma (I start freaking out whenever Daphne skips a meal). Take all the time in the world to grieve, & don’t ever feel like there should be a point where you’re “past it.”

  6. I went down your profile. I can see the strong love you and Holly had for each other….

    No words can describe how truly sorry I am that this happened to Holly. She’s so sweet and looked so damn innocent and pure. It really pisses me off that this happened. I’m more mad than sad, but my heart aches for you.

    When I lost my grandma, some words from Gandalf comforted me and hope they can comfort you too.

    “The Journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path. One that we all must take. The gray rain curtains of this world roll back, and all turns to silver glass. And that’s when you see it….. white shores, and beyond. A far away green country… under a swift sunrise.

    That is where Holly will be, awaiting your arrival. She will be there to comfort any lost pet that makes their way to the other side, and will care for the pets you will surely lose in the future, and they will all wakt together to see you once more.

    If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever.

    Take care, friend. May Holly never endure the burdens of this world ever again.

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    Street-Effect8351 April 5, 2022 at 6:38 am

    I’m sorry for your loss 💔😟

  8. I shed some tears for holly. Rest in peace little gal, you were the best

  9. Just got home from putting my 15 year old Pooky down. So we’re both having a day, I feel your pains. It sucks so bad doing that when you know it’s for the best. I couldn’t imagine it happening during a routine operation. I’m so sorry. Sending my love.

  10. im so very sorry, what an absolute nightmare

  11. You will never forget her, and you will tell your children stories about the special kitty that stole your heart💖no other cat will ever be like her, but she is remembered.

  12. rest in peace

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    Cold_Apartment_8592 April 5, 2022 at 6:38 am

    I’m so sorry. My first cat I ever owned got an infection from her spay surgery, but luckily she survived. Seems rare, my other cats had no issues (I’m assuming since I adopted them as adults and were already spayed). Holly looks like such a sweetheart. Losing a pet is so hard. Hopefully in time, you’ll open your heart up to another kitty.

  14. So heartbreaking… rest in peace baby Holly 💔💔💔

  15. I’m sooooo sad for you and very sorry. Kitty RIP 💔

  16. Dang 6 months old why such a young age😞

  17. Oh no.i’m so sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathies

  18. I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart is breaking for you. 😭😭💔

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss ❤️❤️❤️

  20. I am so so sorry for your loss. This post broke my heart. I wish I could give you a hug.

  21. I am just so sorry. The unexpected loss hurts more. Big hugs, with time you will heal.

  22. It hurts. Just 2 words. It hurts. It always will.

    I’m so very sorry. I can’t comprehend your loss. Not even a bit. I’m just so sorry.

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    Impressive-Bench9223 April 5, 2022 at 6:38 am

    I’m so sorry for your loss, just awful to lose a pet from a routine operation. When the vet nurse took me through the pre-spay forms I remember her talking about the risk and I just asked “it’s less than getting pregnant though?” and she said yes.

    You did the right thing, and if she had a heart defect or a genetic weakness, she could just add easily have died from getting pregnant/giving birth 😔 RIP sweet girl

  24. So sad. I’m very sorry about Holly. *hugs*

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    Dangerous-Fishing-25 April 5, 2022 at 6:38 am

    So sad. Holly was a beauty!

  26. That’s devastating… rip Holly 🌈 Hugs op 💕

  27. Poor baby, sorry for your loss. Wait a bit, then reload. More need your love.

  28. This would have broke me to pieces, poor kitty 😭 I’m so sorry for your loss.

  29. I am so very sorry. *hug*

  30. 😿

  31. I am so so sorry! We just lost one, due to illness, and it is a gut punch for awhile. So very sorry.

  32. Rip beautiful girl. Im so so sorry for your loss, sendung hugs and good vibes your way. I have to get my girl spayed next month and im so afraid of this happening. 😭

  33. I am so sorry for your loss

  34. So so sorry for your loss. What a terrible shock

  35. So sorry for your loss 💔

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