Reminder that Evil Geniuses is a Permanent Partner Team of…

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+217 – Reminder that Evil Geniuses is a Permanent Partner Team of ESL Pro League. They are currently on a 14-series losing streak past 3 seasons.

2022-04-04 08:28:33

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    ConsistentWish6441 April 4, 2022 at 1:28 pm

    why would you keep a Tier 3 team in ESL (allegedly) PRO League ?

  2. I remember someone saying if a partner is bottom of their group 4 seasons in a row, they are investigated and potentially lose their spot as a partner team…

    Wonder if that’s true

  3. They need to change their coach and stop picking storm spirit for abed if they actually wants to win something

  4. EG and the EPL bottom. Name a more iconic duo

    Ez way to change this: buy Gambit roster lul

  5. Putting 5 low fragging players past their prime on a team was never going to work. Thats what everybody here said when team was made and thats exactly how it turned out. Even karrigan wouldn’t be able to make this team win.

  6. Yes but dont let this distract you from the fact that since EG have lost the past 4 EPL seasons, they are now subjected to possible sanctions under the Louvre agreement

  7. a lot of focus on their EPL results

    other facts are that they’re one of 5 NA teams qualifying for NA RMR from open free for all qualifier. They’re basically a top team in NA even as a totally new team.

  8. eg has too much money to be relegated, it’s silly to act like they were ever going to do anything different

  9. What worries me most if that last tournament(s), Rush, Stewie and Tim showed up, but Brehze and Cerq didn’t. And the story (coming from Stewie) was about making those 2 feel more comfortable, and then the team would start showing up.
    This tournament it’s completely the other way around. Sure. Brehze with 0.98 and Cerq with 0.93 is far from enough to actually be competitive, but the fact that they are now even miles ahead of the other 3 (Stewie 0.83, autimatic 0.80, Rush 0.79) is just as worrying, if not more.
    We’d need all 5 to show up at the same time, and even then we don’t know how far they could actually go.


  11. At least EG consistent at something.

  12. Reminder that their one win in season 13 was against an Astralis who was looking hot at the time. Went on to barely lose a heartbreaker vs VP, then went on maybe the worst losing streak a team that has been best in the world twice has ever gone on, lasting over a year at this point with very few, unimpressive wins scattered in there.

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