1. This is peak JDM lifestyle. Rich and into JDM. This is it. It can’t get any better than this other than living in an expensive house somewhere in Tokyo.

  2. Pretty sure that’s a GT7 scapes screenshot.

  3. Courtesy of Port Car Scene on Facebook.

  4. 22b? Love it

  5. This a Minecraft house fr

  6. That’s like 240k alone with the scoobies

  7. What is that house tho?? 🔥

  8. Sapphire cosworth in the back looks clean too

  9. This is the drive way of my 12 year old dreams

  10. i want to sleep on that clean road

  11. How do you guys tell a 22B from a GC8 build

  12. Nowadays it’s like 1 in a million people who know what a 22b is.

  13. Where in Ireland is this , in Galway at the moment

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    BigBossHeadKrumpa April 4, 2022 at 8:46 pm

    Wealth? Lmfao

  15. what in the fuck u gonna do with two of them lol.

    seriously someone else could be enjoying one of those but nah

  16. That sierra tho

  17. I from a eastern europe country, and I always amazed how people decided to copy paste each home to look the same, I mean it looks so boring. I get so tired when I visit my friends there, everything is the same

    EDIT: sry wrong sub to rant on

  18. I really hope he actually takes them out every once in a while instead of keeping them there to flex.

  19. This guy or gal is lucky 🍀!

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