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    cal-nomen-official April 4, 2022 at 1:52 pm

    A superhero team that looks like a diverse cast with a wide variety of powers but it’s actually just 1 really good shapeshifter

  2. *Image Transcription: Tumblr*


    character concept: the best trick archer in the world, the trick to which is that he’s actually not an archer at all, he’s a speedster and he can’t aim for shit, every time he takes a shot he actually just grabs the arrow, runs over to what he wants to stick, then runs back before anyone can see him move


    he’s on a team with Heat Vision Man, who actually has no heat vision and is another speedster, he just glares at people then runs over and punches them and is back before they can see him move


    (the entire team is actually just composed of speedsters who all use their speed in different ways, and they all pretend otherwise in front of their teammates)


    The only speedster of their team is actually a teleporter


    They all have imposter syndrome because, no matter how fast they speed up, they still can’t see him move. “He’s a real speedster,” they all think. “I’m just a washed up fastguy who needs to pretend I’m a different kind of hero. I’m so scared he’ll tell the others.”


    Coming in Marvel phase 5:

    ## Anxiety Squad

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    AmericanAntivenom April 4, 2022 at 1:52 pm

    Seriously, super speed is incredibly OP. It’s basically the ability to be almost anywhere at almost anytime doing almost anything while everyone else just stands still. If you’re making a speedster character, either make him a god among gods and have everyone recognize that or Nerf him into the ground

  4. I like the idea of a guy pretending to be super strong, but is actually just telekinetic and so has to pretend to lift the objects with his arms.

  5. Wouldn’t the speedsters be able to see the other speedsters?

  6. Why bring the mcu into this post? The mcu had only one speedster and they immediately killed him off. Why does the mcu have to represent the entire superhero genre nowadays anyways? At this point they’re like the worst version of superhero movies. They’re just generic hollywood action movies with comic references and about five gallons of irony poison baked into every square inch, to the point where everyone working on the movie could actually hate superhero comics and you wouldn’t be able to tell.

  7. That sounds more interesting than anything Marvel has released since End Game.

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