1. I’m still pissed that dragging notifications down from the Haptic Touch preview doesn’t dismiss them anymore. Who thought that was a good change?

  2. Coming from android, notifications on the iPhone are a shit show.

    Some notifications clear when you open their corresponding app. Some stay in perpetuity until you manually clear them.

  3. You can also just tap twice to clear all notis as well

  4. I will now be long pressing every button to find new features. 😂

  5. Whoooo thanks for this tip. Always been so annoyed having to individually do it.

  6. TIL thanks

  7. Damn. Now I just have to get some notifications to test this out 🙁

  8. Dude thank you.

  9. Thank you!!

  10. Holy shit this has changed my life

  11. Ogh! This is a good one !

  12. I’ve been using an iPhone since 2019 and I learned something new today, thanks OP!

  13. You don’t have to hold it just tap on it

  14. You don’t even have to hold it, if I have more than one notification I just tap the X and the it says “clear” and you hit it again and it all goes away

  15. Awesome!

  16. Awesome! Sent my phone into safety mode for a hot second though 😅

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