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    NefariousnessBusy402 April 4, 2022 at 9:18 pm

    I am confused

  2. If confusion was a person:

  3. I got blue balls watching this

  4. Even when I was expecting the unexpected following every action, I still was somehow expecting the expected which then confused me.

  5. This is oddly satisfying

  6. He truly is playing 5d chess while all of us are playing checkers

  7. I am very entertained by this.

  8. Everything the guy interacted with, Believe it or not, all cake.

  9. It is actually an awesome piece of cake.

  10. Greatest video I have ever seen.

  11. This is tickling my anxiety.

  12. I confuse myself so that enemy will get confuse

  13. Him running with the ball at the end killed me ahaha

  14. Ruined orgasm.

  15. r/oddlysatisfying

  16. If I don’t know what I’m doing, you sure as shit don’t know either.

  17. r/BikeMechanics he dropped on the drive side lets go beat him up

  18. What is blue balls

  19. The greatest cliffhan–

  20. Jokes on you , I watched it twice and knew his next move

  21. Why did you write this.

  22. I was trying to make a joke, but failed miserably.


  24. anyone got some sauce for this one? 🙂

  25. I thought the video wasn’t loading but it’s just a video of the video not loading, good one

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