1. “Thank you for playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel”

  2. 73? Whoops. It’s actually 90. – Konami

  3. The awkward moment when playing unofficial emulators is more exciting than playing the official game.

  4. AT this point, they’re just accumulating issues for no fucking reason at all.

    However is managing this game, please, resign from this job.

  5. 3 things I also wanted except a shorter duel pass

  6. If Sony buys Konami, is Master Duel included in such an acquisition?

  7. Coming from a game company, even mtg arena doing a better job to make player excited & new content faster than konami can make.

    What a joke konami is, if u can’t handle live service game don’t bother mke one. China game company can make better game than konami.
    So sick of konami incompetent.

  8. New cards are kinda meh and there is no new ban list to spice up the meta. I’m just not gonna play until there is a new ban list.

  9. Duel pass is kinda shit in rewards, nothing is exciting

  10. my face when ive seen the 1 card combos to sythe lock + barone turn 1

  11. More importantly there is no new gem pack. Guess komoney thinks I’ll pay full price for a stale meta with a new floodgate added for spice…

  12. Correction!

    No new banlist, no new ranks, and other than one or two specific cards, *no new decks*!

  13. idk wats all the hate abt. i still vry much enjoy the game. there are still so many decks/variation (e.g invoked despia) that i can try out while still regularly enjoying my meta drytron, tribrigade and eldlich decks.

    Idk man im still lovin this game.

  14. this game is dead

  15. Ye i got bored 3 weeks ago. Wont come back

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