1. Brace yourselves, the bar charts are coming

  2. I know he had 33 points but I feel like Purdue didn’t give Edey the ball enough

  3. The boys were shook. GG Indiana

  4. Now IU needs to get to top 10 for our rematch in Mackey. That would be electric

  5. Every time Indiana has beaten the #1 team at home that #1 has gone on to at least the final four. So congrats Purdue.

  6. As a neutral fan, this game was fantastic.

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    Specialist-Bird-4966 February 5, 2023 at 6:05 am

    I’m no expert, but I think that Purdue big guy is pretty good

  8. Just stop playing teams with red black & white colors when ranked #1. Simple. So obvious, not sure why we didn’t think of this before. Gg Hoosier bros.

  9. Well at least if we’re gonna lose it was a fun game. Solve turn overs and we’re good

  10. College basketball is so much more fun when both IU and Purdue are good.

  11. It’s the hope that kills you.

  12. I love college basketball.

    GGs Boiler bros. We will now try to slay the dragon that is Rutgers.

  13. Now THAT is what I call a trademark win. Just like we drew it up. Hell yeah. Go Hoosiers

  14. That first half killed us, but IU just had a phenomenal start to that game. Congrats Hoosier bros. You guys earned the win.

    Call me crazy but I truly think this Purdue team showed Final Four/Title-like grit second half. They might Purdue it, but I truly think they have the makings for a great March.

  15. Edey 33pts. 18reb.

    This was the toughest enviornment we will see. It was a game where we fought back from a large deficit and IU is better than their record indicates because they had injuries earlier in the season. IU came out tough. GG. We’ll get you back at Mackey.

  16. I’m sure as shit glad we won. After watching Edey and TJD go head-to-head this year, there’s no doubt in my mind that Edey deserves to be ahead of TJD in NPOY this year.

    I also think that this team has enough depth to actually do something in March. A lot of promise as long as we can stop turning big leads into nail biters. Let’s get healthy, make it through the rest of the year, and make a good run!

  17. Indiana students were hyped after beating the number 1 team in a huge game and stormed the court. It’s been a rough stretch for the program the last several years, and honestly F Reece Davis or whoever else says it’s not appropriate for them to do so. Indiana is historically a great program, but for a lot of the current students this is the biggest win they have ever seen.

  18. You can’t just walk into Assembly Hall ranked #1

  19. Holy shit. Are threads of this nature always so civil in here? The Purdue fans in here are wayyy better than the ones on twitter. This was actually pleasant to read.

  20. We need a graph of this win

  21. If only we played like we did in the first half every game. Scored 50 points in 1 half against a team that hadn’t allowed 70 all year. Just beautiful basketball. Second half got ugly, but we pulled that shit out

  22. Did Purdue use up all their threes on Penn State on Wednesday?

  23. To the many Purdue fans who had some humility and perspective on the season, good game and what a battle. To the Purdue fans who have hopped in our game threads all season and gloated and gave their unsolicited takes on our program, please do eat a steaming pile of shit 😘

  24. Holy shit when Schifino blew his ankle on an open lay and then went to commercial! I thought he was done.

    Came back and clutch up some shots. Go Hoosiers!!

  25. I didn’t predict TDJ calling Edey the best player in the country in his post game interview.

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    kate-plus-self-hate February 5, 2023 at 6:05 am

    this one stings

  27. I didn’t think they would pull it off. I’m glad I was wrong.

  28. GG IU. They played their hearts out. Glad to see the game actually mattering again.

  29. Giving up 50 in the first half NOT IDEAL.

  30. Unpopular Opinion:

    I dont give two craps about court storms. Storm every game. Who cares. Let the kids have fun

  31. Missed free throws and the freshmen had bad games. Also those refs in the first half wanted to blow them whistles jesus, what was it 23 fouls combined in the first half?


  33. I’m not surprised but I am disappointed. We lost the game in the first half. Let’s chalk it up to our Freshman having the hardest environment to play in yet.

    Hopefully we can learn from this going into tournament season. GG IU.

  34. On to lose to Rutgers!

  35. Finally, I can turn off the game to remove Dick Vitale’s voice from my ears

    GG IU, see ya at Mackey.

  36. *sad train noises*

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