Post Bucha: The gloves need to come off. Give Ukraine…

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+3684 – Deliver the damned Mig-29s. Ship Slovakia’s S-300. Ship Turkey’s S-400s. The whole 9 yards. F Russia and their feelings. Allow all nations who volunteered to peace keep……peace keep to the rear (Poland, Denmark, the Baltics). Let those forces secure Kyiv and begin mine clearing ASAP. Just fucking send it at this point. make the upcoming eastern front unbearable for Russia. And, publicly state any missiles Russia sends, NATO will send back ten fold, and that some of those missiles might accidentally find their way to mountains in Yekaterinburg.

2022-04-04 19:22:12

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  1. Makes you wonder if Patton was right in 1945 and we should have continued to Moscow

  2. I agree. We’ve already failed them by letting this go on, but we dont need to let that failure persist.

  3. The recent post I seen shows a toddlers back covered in ink with her name and DOB and contact details just in case she gets killed is the last straw for me I FELT SICK really needs sorted

  4. I hope they go deep into Russia and destroy the entire rail/gas/oil infrastructure.

  5. Wait a few more days, until the battle for the east really kicks off. Then impose complete air and ground superiority to kill all Russians who dared enter Ukraine.

    Nothing would make me happier than seeing 200k dead Russian soldiers a month from now. May their lives be short and miserable.

  6. The entire civilized world needs to take the war to Russia. Call their bluff. They will back down. It’s going to happen sooner or later anyway. Putin’s army aren’t soldiers, they’re terrorists.

  7. I also think it cannot get really get worse from here. The horror trajectory we are on is already set. It will not get better if we stand by. Thousands will die horribly. Many execution style.

    If Russia wanted to go nuclear in a few years by attacking nato, it will go for it now as well. If it was never going to, they won’t now either because of some fighter jets.

  8. A month ago I would have disagreed. I don’t anymore…

  9. Not only do I want America and NATO to send almost every non-nuke weapon type they have, but I am also concerned about fuel and food. I haven’t seen much mention of that, and fuel and food are just as important as weaponry. Ukraine needs 120 million meals per day, and although Russia hasn’t succeeded in cutting off food from (most) Ukrainian mouths yet, it could happen anytime, especially to a city under siege.

    I also really want to see some stealthy airstrikes done by B-2s and F-35s at night, such that the Russians can’t be quite sure if they’re doing by Ukrainian or American forces.

  10. No one next to Russia should surrender nuclear weapons.

    They don’t deserve trust, nor Allies.

    Any country that believes “Russia is our friend”, is so naive, if they do this to Ukraine, imagine what they would do to any other country if they had the chance.

  11. Russia is attempting to complete Lebensraum (living space), Putin must have cracked open the history books. He has already dehumanized the Ukrainian people in his speeches which makes depopulating the land of sub humans so much easier. Do a side by side photo comparison with 1940’s pictures it looks disturbingly similar. On top of that the Russian soldiers seem to be enjoying the slaughter, I remember a photo of a SS officer holding up a toddler while his friend was going to shoot him with a Luger (both men were smiling).

    Give Ukraine whatever they need at this point, the never again is happening now.

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    whitechristianjesus April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    Predator drones, C-RAMs, any top tier military tech we have needs to be made available to the Ukrainians. Expedite training with these tools and let’s just help them get this shit over with already.

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    BearsBeetsBttlstarrG April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    A fucking men

    I just saw an awful photo of an innocent 3 year old Angel whom the RUSSIAN MONSTERS did unspeakable things to before they murdered her

    The world needs to step in and do something more severe to Russia than the shit we’ve been doing so far

  14. If it where up to the people vs the politicians it would be a non issue. I can’t speak for all of us, but if doing the right thing leads to nuclear war than so be it. I’d rather die for doing the right thing than live with the guilt of knowing we could have done more. :(.

  15. The Farms need fuel, now.
    Or the world starves.
    Go take russias, bam boo them.
    Farms need logistical support, or…
    How do we….migrate this help?
    they have huge donations in national bank.
    Hire and feed migrant workers from subsistance countries about to loose by the neglect?
    We have infrastructure to do this….
    While they push and hold lines.
    Theres folks that may only have the humble knowledge and reflex to volunteer, where otherwise would be overlooked.
    Like a Int Farmers corp.
    Farms not Arms.

  16. Give them everything. And quite honestly I’m hoping just hoping they send troops to help them. I know they don’t want to but like it’s fuck it at this point send he nukes. Screw putin and his russia.

  17. I am struggling to understand why the west isn’t moving immediately to make this happen!!!

  18. Putin keeps saying the U.S. is responsible and provoked the special military operation. The U.S. should grant amnesty and dual U.S. citizenship en mass to all Ukrainians and protect them as such.

  19. Today, in the wake of what has happened in Bucha, the most outrage that I’ve seen from Russians has been over the fact that they can no longer buy Chanel.

  20. When will people accept there is no appeasing a monster like Putin. He sees reason and communication as weakness. If we won’t close the skies then at least give Ukraine the weapons it needs to fight this evil.

  21. Germany should simply ship whatever Ukraine wants from the inventory of its military. We are in this war already, as it is.

  22. What is in the mountains of Y? Putin or his family I’m guessing? And yes totally agree. We’ve done too little. 267 marines just surrendered in Mariople. Think what the dirty bastards will do to them after Bucha.

  23. Long range AA, people need to call their government representatives if you are in US, UK, Germany, France or any country that could provide that.

    Also it’s stupid that every day I read that we are considering new sanctions, why hasn’t Russia been completely cut off already?

  24. At this point I’m wondering why there are no terror attacks happening in russia by the angered ukrainians living there.

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    Fun-Specialist-1615 April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    Not for escalating but declaring a safe zone would get my vote.

  26. A few weeks back we didn’t know where the red line was. Now we know they have already crossed it. Its time for NATO to act

  27. Amen . The best post in Ukraine Subreddit🙌

  28. And STOP buying $1 bln worth of gas from Putin every day.

    It’s really like buying from Hitler. No excuses.

  29. Russian soldiers raped and killed a 3 year old girl. The pictures of her body on top of other dead women were horrifying. Send Ukraine EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to wipe out every piece of filth who participated in this.

  30. Totally agree. I am a US vet who is totally embarrassed by the total incompetence and lack of any courage coming out of the administration in Washington. Is it not required to read about 1939 for these damn fools.

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    Affectionate-Dream21 April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    Fucking hell this. What are they waiting for

  32. We are at the point where I’m good with us supplying Russia 500lbs and 2000lbs guided bombs via airdrop

  33. listen any thing going to Ukraine is going to be plausibly denied do to the nature of war. Many things will or have been delivered that we will never get confirmation of so that the enemy cannot accurately plan or use the media for intel.



  35. Agree, you guys have a country of 40million, wiki tells aged 18-45 around 10mil, you need an army of 1mil to Free the country , so this is not impossible, now start training, US and uk will donate weapons and others will follow

  36. I wish those fuckers would have any nuclear weapons. They are really using this to cover their attack.

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    Decent-Stretch4762 April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    very brave of you to post this in /r/ukraine, I wonder how it goes.

    Now go talk to your representative or on a protest. Or to literally any other sub

  38. What do you do with a bully

    Kick him in the bollocks

  39. Call putins bluff. No fly zone and peacekeepers and the clear warning that if he wants to go nuclear over Ukraine is will be the last thing that the nation of russia ever does.

  40. Not too mention that most nations should’ve sanctioned whatever and whoever they could from the BEGINNING!… and not adding them at arbitrary moments as the massacre of civilians keeps happening

  41. Not a single western European country learned from history. History repeats itself because of human stupidity, nothing else. Just like 90 years ago, western Europe decided appeasement is in their best interests, which again led to genocide.

    I may be biased, but I am convinced that Poland, Baltic states, countries like Romania and Bulgaria, and recently Ukraine, all learned from WW2 and other conflicts. The rest of Europe didn’t make any effort to do so.

  42. Reply
    ThereminLiesTheRub April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    I have been an advocate of threading the needle, with respect for the real horror expanding war poses, as well as the assumption that Ukraine would ultimately win if it simply stayed the course. We know that Russia’s political objectives are now unachievable. We know they would never be able to take over, let alone contain, Ukraine. We know that western nations, far from being chastened, are more unified than ever in opposition to Russia. Russia has effectively been denied victory.

    But increasingly I believe that denying them victory is not enougn, and it is time to pivot to more bold action. Russia’s crimes are undeniable, and historically all too damnable. The stakes for the globe, let alone Europe, are clear – democracy and independence are on the line wherever they thrive, and hope to thrive. Russia was on course to lose, but at great cost to Ukraine. But it’s not enough for Russia to lose anymore – they must lose without being able to claim any victory at all, or the horror they represent will continue to fester and threaten everyone, everywhere. China will be emboldened, as will all authoritarian regimes. Decisively defeating Russia now will help curtail future wars.

    So send the planes. Send the tanks. Send the missiles. WW3 is here. The power dynamic of the globe has already shifted. Nations are reconfiguring their security and energy relationships at break neck speed. The repercussions of this invasion will manifest in different ways for a generation. If we can thread the needle and still do what needs to be done, great. But if we need to get a hammer, we should. It’s that dire.

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    Opposite-Place8929 April 4, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    I’ve argued for no fly zones and peacekeeping troops once Russia started their scorch earth campaign. They will only recognize strength. Sucks the mail in voters pick the weak guy

  44. Hey, remember how many Nukes Russia has?

    Seriously consider what you’re saying.

    I understand the emotion. But don’t let it cloud your judgement. Russia is waiting for any reason it can to use them.

    We don’t need another Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Really.

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