Oregon romance novelist who wrote ‘How to Murder Your…

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+1622 – Oregon romance novelist who wrote ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ goes on trial in fatal shooting of longtime spouse in Portland

2022-04-04 22:06:21

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  1. I’m expecting at some point the Basic Instinct defense:

    > I’d have to be pretty stupid to write a book about killing and then kill him the way I described in my book.

  2. Brophy’s death had such a profound effect on the culinary scene in Portland when it happened. So many of my BOH peers had taken classes from him at OCI, everyone was in shock. I’m still kind of surprised we didn’t all just close that day tbh.

  3. OJ gave the book 2 gloves up.

  4. Reply
    Loki_Agent_of_Asgard April 5, 2022 at 5:54 am

    How to murder your husband: pg 1 – “Just shoot him”
    Man what a riveting novel.

  5. I like that the oregonlive.com story links to both ‘[How To Murder Your Husband](https://archive.ph/D1s2X#selection-171.0-176.0 https://seejanepublish.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/how-to-murder-your-husband-by-nancy-brophy/)’ and Nancy Brophy’s [website](http://www.nancybrophyauthor.com/books.html) where you can buy her books. That’s reporting!

  6. She’s what we call a subject matter expert.

  7. I see the live action adaptation didn’t go too well.

  8. “How to get caught murdering your husband.”

    Will not be a NY Times best seller.

  9. “Write what you know” writing teachers say.

  10. Should have written “How to Get Away With Murdering Your Husband” instead.

  11. I feel like if you are married to someone who writes this kind of book, you should quickly read it and consider running away depending upon what you find.

  12. “Yaaaaas queeeen”

  13. Chalk it up to research?

  14. Well, she did write the book on the subject!

  15. Who saw that coming?

  16. Kinda surprised nobody expected that.

  17. I think there was a Foresnic Files episode on this….or….more than one woman wrote a book about killing their husband……*Googles feverishly*

  18. A typewriter that writes best-selling murder mysteries but then makes the murders happen in real life.

    Rick and Morty is real life, the hell?

  19. Basic instinct defense

  20. Some Netflix executive is reading this and rubbing his hands like Birdman

  21. Probably should have made the title How Not to Murder Your Husband

  22. Shoulda wrote a book called “How to get away with murdering your husband”

  23. It’s always the ones you most suspect

  24. Was already posted this morning.

  25. She should have written a book called “How to Get Away with Murder” and then just used it as a manual. She’d be free already.

  26. “What’s the book your writing about, dear?”…..

  27. Self-published

  28. The phrase “she wrote the book on it” has never been so accurate

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