1. They’d have to slow it down so much it’d be pretty worthless. If [this is correct](https://redd.it/i4azo9), the map is only 12.6km tall, and at the supercruise speed of Mach 2.04 (2500 kph) you’d cross the entire map in about 18 seconds.

  2. Shit bro I think any jet would be enough. All that I want are new jets, the lazer and hydra are sick but when are we getting other jets? R* always gives us the cars we want but never the planes

  3. yes i wanna see D R O O P S N O O T

  4. Better reach the speed cap of the game instead of going 50mph like the Titan, bombushka, and alkanost

  5. Let’s be honest, they’d give it the alkonost treatment- take a real life supersonic known for being incredibly fast for its size, and then make it slow as shit like all the other in game aircraft of its weight class.

  6. I wish rockstar would finally stop making the airport planes attached to the ground. What’s the point? It’s obviously not a matter of technological restriction, like when gta 3 did it 20 years ago, and blaming it on being too close to 9-11 is ludicrous given that an entire 747 exists as a controllable, destroyable vehicle with flight and airport patterns. Like, yes, give us that, but with 2 less engines, and one deck.

  7. Players: We want new planes

    Rockstars: Here, get the new Clothing starting this week.

  8. Me too, I would love to see her fly over 🙁

  9. They need to add the B-2 stealth bomber to the game.

  10. I’m still hoping we get a F-22 F-35 F-18 or F-14 if you can’t tell I really like American jets.

  11. meanwhile im the only person in the world that wants a 262 and variants

  12. Biplanes would be cool too. Dog fight dlc sounds fun.

  13. Considering what they’ve done with massive planes in the past, it’ll probably blow up from *one* explosive round

    Also it will only go 30 mph

    And it costs 7.5 mil

  14. And su-57 with realistic flight physics

  15. EAT ME OUT

  16. I just want a jet to shoot freaking lazers. phew phew.

  17. Fuck this, i want rockstar to add SR-71

  18. How about the sr-71 blackbird instead

  19. If Rockstar released this they’d probably make it not even the fastest plane I’d bet

  20. I like the Concorde but the GTA map isn’t big enough.

  21. Bro the plane wasn’t even added to real life💀

  22. It was cramped, cold, loud and generally uncomfortable, to say nothing of the noise restrictions far beyond anything we know today.

  23. i would also love to see the SU-25k in the game as well it would be a perfect air to ground to have in the game

  24. That looks like the Alkonost. Maybe it can be an Alkonost Mk II

  25. Why would I want the concord when we could have there much more gta option, aka the xb70 Valkyrie, which was a prototype hypersonic bomber version

  26. Idk why they won’t add in a basically “build your own jet” you start with a stock one but can but upon it with different noses, tails, body’s, wings, thrusters, and any upgrade will affect how it handles and flys, I understand this would take a while to code and implement- some crazy speed glitches would come from it but it would give everyone a plane that they’re happy with

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