1. Yeah, but Friday is Hawaiian shirt day.

  2. This office hellscape is an opt-in problem in 2022.

  3. Man, I wish my office looked like this. We have an open plan, and it sucks.

  4. Where the dreams die

  5. I swear I talk to my manager less since we came back full time.

  6. Only 2 screens? I can’t be productive with that shit.

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    LonelyAccountantCPA April 4, 2022 at 9:12 pm

    Most offices are doing an open concept floor plan. I don’t know anyone that likes it.

  8. You know that file cabinet just has booze in it right? I know mine does

  9. The one funny thing I was able to do with my office decorating budget was spending $90 on a mystery box of nesoberis (anime plushies) and tying the paltry $30 I had remaining on 2 clearance aisle paintings from Walmart.

    I still can’t believe they approved the nesoberis.

  10. This looks remarkably close to where I’m sitting right now. Just get rid of the landline and add an overhead cabinet awkwardly positioned. Meh, at least it’s not an open office.

  11. Ayo who took a picture of my cubicle?

  12. They get their own private cubicle? I’m jealous.

  13. At least you get a morsel of privacy with a cubicle. With the open office bullshit and the helicopter desk bullshit you are lucky to be able to have peace at any time.

  14. This looks depressing as fuck. But I agree, it’s better than open floor plan. I can’t even pick my nose without my supervisor looking at me.

  15. My bosses moved me into an office last last year and it kinda sucks. I miss chatting to the guys in the open plan area. Being able to browse Reddit in peace is nice, but it’s too easy to just hide in there.

  16. Hey my office has culture!! Our desks are espresso coloured lol

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