[OC] [ART] Rakshasa Dream Consequences (animated)

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+2556 – [OC] [ART] Rakshasa Dream Consequences (animated)

2022-04-04 16:44:48

https://preview.redd.it/pmu22yv7jjr81.gif?s=e693042062a1a4126b244e91613a4e1424aacdc2 [+2556] |

[OC] [ART] Rakshasa Dream Consequences (animated) from DnD

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  2. *Having a rakshasa that’s personally interested in you for unknown reasons is bad enough. But getting hooked on deep dreaming drugs and meeting him whenever you take a dive can not be good. Especially if you don’t remember him, while he learns more and more about you with every encounter.*

    My current homegame has been piling on the spookiness and tension lately, which I am delighted by. My PC Raja has gotten hooked on dream pies, and her dream visions took a turn for the ominous when they went from pleasant hallucinations to reliving memories of significant conflicts in her past. The fights weren’t the problem- she loves those- but the reoccurring appearance of a mysterious figure named Ralek bent on goading her into shifting and murdering everything in sight has been foreboding. He seems to have the power to manipulate her dreams at will, and is using the dream pies as a path to visit her subconscious. Over several dreams he has successfully manipulated her while giving only tidbits of information in return. The worst part: she remembers none of their encounters after waking, *except* what he wants her to. How could this possibly have consequences?

    When my DM shared the song Holy Diver by Dio as a theme for Ralek, I knew I had to draw a snippet of it!

    Other platform for more art:


  3. aaah some dio in the wild. wonderful. fantastic work on this

  4. I love Rakshasas so much man, your depiction of them is so cool! They are such interesting and psycopathic little kitties. great villains all round


  6. In my games if someone mentions the paladins holy avenger and someone else fails to sing/hum some Dio, the holy avenger loses its power for a turn. The avenger is fueled by metal.

  7. D&Dio!

  8. Reply
    ArcaninesFirepower April 5, 2022 at 6:28 am

    you just gave me an idea for an underwater campaign. time for me start writing

  9. Based Dio is based


  11. Pretty funny putting that song as Rakshasa theme, as its about a christ-like figure trying to go to another planet to redeem it and people trying to make him stay with them

    Also if you like heavier stuff i recommend cover of the song made by Killswitch Engage

  12. I like how it kinda mirrors the album cover!

  13. I was specifically told by a player once that they were ok with me making reference to Styx, rush, tears without fears… and many others but never, was I ever, to make a Steely Dan reference. I responded that I would start reeling in the years and do it again and they promptly quit and never did I hear from them again.

  14. Between the velvet lies,
    There’s a truth that’s hard as steel

  15. Ah, yes. Dio, a great band.

  16. [God I fucking love this song](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EhGEGIBGLu8)

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    Alternative_Narwhal5 April 5, 2022 at 6:28 am

    This is rad as hell.

  18. Dio my beloved

  19. Epic song for an epic illustration

  20. “You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea” sounds like the lyrics to a song about drug abuse, probably a Metallica-era rock or metal song.

  21. Dio is 100% a Sorcerer with proficiency in performance

  22. Oh, what’s becoming of me :'(

  23. Good song! Do you prefer the original Dio version or the cover done by Killswitch Engage?

  24. Reminds me of those animated shorts they made for the first [Dishonored](https://youtu.be/N_mp4yJtp14) game. Very cool work here!

  25. DIIIIIOOOOO!!!!!!

  26. oh what’s becoming of meeeeee

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    2Gnomes1Trenchcoat April 5, 2022 at 6:28 am

    The Dio reference alone gets my upvote. Well done!

  28. In the original D&D rule book fyi that Rakshasa have 6 fingers

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