1. … Why are people stealing toothpaste?

  2. They locking up stuff for $4.59 but stuff that is $9 and $16 is outside the case?!?!

  3. That’s making the best of their crappy designs.

  4. There’s stuff in there marked under ten dollars… Where do you live that they need to lock up the toothpaste???

  5. My Home Depot is doing the same shit with all kinds of basic goods now. Cheap and expensive items. They’re using makeshift plexiglass doors locked with a chain and masterlock made using their own stock materials. Looks like crap and super annoying. After waiting 10+ minutes for a no show employee I just fished out the $10 worth of wire through the door gap. I now go miles away to other store to avoid the hassle.

  6. Locks only keep honest people honest.

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