1. looks like the servers are down. there has been a lot of server problems recently, maybe they connect

  2. I can’t play online either, I’m guessing no one can.

  3. Reminder to use Down Detector, website or app to see spike in issues across services like RL. Showing a spike in errors reported in the past hour or so.

  4. You’re only missing out on this:


  5. https://twitter.com/RL_Status/status/1511046486179528706

    Finally official response, after 30 minutes of RL servers being down.

  6. Same here. I get error message “Unknown error while communicating with Rocket League servers, please try again later”.

  7. i dont know whats going on but great car

  8. 🎶 and I said HEY, WHATS GOIN ON?

    I hate that Psyonix added that. Always stuck in my head

  9. Same issue here (on PC)

  10. Same here. No error either

  11. Same here.

  12. Same here on PS4/5

  13. Tried restarting a few times and got an error message half the time, but same problem here on pc.

  14. Sometimes this happens when I didn’t quit out of the game before turning off console. I just assume I am on “play” and hit X (PS5) and it works

  15. The servers are fucked this season

  16. Play 3 Wheeler mode. Maybe that’ll fix it

  17. > Unkownn error while communicating with Rocket League servers, please try again later.

    Is what I’m getting on PS5 (PS4 version) when trying to select my playlist.

  18. What region are you?

  19. I just got off it was working fine
    Edit: this post was 30 minutes ago though

  20. sorry its because i decided to play this game for the first time in a month

  21. Its working fine

  22. Working now, for me

  23. Go to epic games click the three dots and there should be something like fix or repair or whatever, something close to that. Click it and it downloads about 30-40mv

  24. How are you lvl 720 on the rocket pass already? lmao

  25. Working on XBOX in North America, Casual…

  26. i had the same issue until i cleared my cache, hope it works for yall too!

  27. Decal ?

  28. I was literally about to start a coaching session with Guh…seriously Epic

  29. I think the servers are down I mean before this happend I lagged pretty hard.

  30. When my team gets toxic I start playing for the other team and when I score “Oops..”

  31. That patch and the april fools thing fucked it up

  32. They announced on Twitter that there were server issues.

    Although a couple of times I’ve been stuck “offline” even when the servers were fine, and deleting my cache file fixed it.

  33. I just restarted the game and fixed it

  34. Looks like offline mode… Sometimes it helps to re-launch the game, but most of the time you just have to wait 1-2 days (or sometimes only a couple hours) ’till the servers are back

  35. Bro your level is over ten times mine how long have you been playing

  36. idk, but nice car design, pretty clean

  37. My whole account got reset last week. Reset my rank and level but I kept all of items. I’m level 10 and D3 lmao

  38. No internet

  39. Another thing to keep in mind for the 1% any Linux users are now FORCED to use proton and play the windows version since they dropped the native Linux support for the new season.

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    Agreeable_Morning903 April 5, 2022 at 6:22 am

    Restart ur PlayStation or your internet that’s what fixed mine

  41. Cause these servers have been straight trash lately. It’s like pre 2015 servers.

  42. Bro click create a party. Works everytime for me

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    Suspicious-Loss-6825 April 5, 2022 at 6:22 am

    idk but the servers have been absolutely ass today (U.S. West/U.S. East)

  44. Looks like you’ve dropped off the network, this happens to me a lot on PS4. Open up your friends list and it’ll usually reconnect. If that doesn’t work the servers are probably down.

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    ToasterBathPillow April 5, 2022 at 6:22 am

    Tbh, I think the game would’ve been much better under the management of steam and the steam servers and the much better steam launcher. My epic launcher usually crashes sometimes for no reason and it’s honestly annoying

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    Right_Performance683 April 5, 2022 at 6:22 am

    who knows the game is shit at this rate

  47. You guys still play RL?

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