New study shows that people around the world share odour…

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+3635 – New study shows that people around the world share odour preferences regardless of cultural background. The most pleasant odours in the study were vanilla and peach.

2022-04-04 17:35:24

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  1. The perception of odor pleasantness is shared across cultures

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    IllegalPandaDealer April 5, 2022 at 4:52 am

    Makes sense for the extremes of the scale, but how do we know this applies to other smells in the middle?

    We evolved smell as a chemical identifier so we can find food and avoid pathogens. But aren’t there cultural differences in the bulk of what we find as acceptable smells?

    Like if person A grows up in Mexico, won’t they show a preference for the smell off Mexican cuisine over Italian even if both are entirely edible (as in nothing is particularly wrong or exceptionally good about either).

  4. Can someone make a vanilla peach ocean breeze candle please

  5. Got me wanting a Peach Creme Saver

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    RonsWholesomeAccount April 5, 2022 at 4:52 am

    I wonder where Fish Sauce fits in here. Personally I love the stuff, but I was banned from using it in my dorm’s shared kitchen after a single incident.

  7. Oh God I just love this so much. Ya’ll ever just stand in the produc aisle and smell the peaches while you’re buying em? It’s addictive.

  8. Everything I see about ethyl butyrate is suggesting a fruity smell, but more like pineapple, not peach. Pineapple with hints of butter and banana.

    Also, it seems Americans are slightly contrary to the mean and prefer lavender (and maybe clove too) over ~~peach~~ pineapple. Can’t beat vanilla, though.

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    Successful-Mix-1311 April 5, 2022 at 4:52 am

    They say male humans are attracted to the smell of vanilla.

  10. i saw a study one time that says Vanilla was a strong scent associated with mothers milk. I cant say, it was many years ago…but i like boobies and vanilla.,your%20days%20before%20solid%20food.

    i wonder if its an inborn trait or just the high levels of vanilla in modern day items?

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  13. Peach, sure I’m all in. The smell of vanilla though, is repulsive. I walk into some place with a vanilla candle going hard I get sick to my stomach. Ironically, I love vanilla ice cream.


  15. Counterpoint:


  16. Peach I get, but vanilla smells gross AF sorry.

  17. So everyone likes the smell of ass?

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  19. Strong vanilla smells like playdough to me, which makes me feel sick.

  20. It does not sound right. For example, most Europeans hate the smell of curry, but Indians like it.

    Similarly, in many countries incense sales are low, but it sells well in many other countries. The types of incense sold vary greatly in different countries. The same point could be made about kitchen and toilet fragrances.

  21. “New Study Shows” should always be ignored.

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    Full_metal_pants077 April 5, 2022 at 4:52 am

    Wouldn’t perfume brands have figured this out long ago?

  23. So if I hate the smell of peaches does that make me a space alien?

  24. Meh… dunno.

    I wouldn’t love your farts as I love mine

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