Nadine Dorries to press ahead with plan to privatise Channel…

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+1256 – Nadine Dorries to press ahead with plan to privatise Channel 4 | Channel 4 | The Guardian

2022-04-04 18:15:13

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    lastaccountgotlocked April 5, 2022 at 7:04 am

    This is some *utter* bullshit.

    A culturally illiterate culture minister now just pulling paintings off the wall, selling them on the cheap, like a shit Nazi.

  2. I watched the Boeing documentary on Netflix the other day, essentially it was based around management types looking to gain shareholder value by cutting corners and reducing quality but then eventually causing trouble within the company itself where quality is no longer a concern only the bottom line.

    Realising the parallels between this and the Tory government wanting to “run things like a business” they are like these business management types essentially stripping assets from the country to increase shareholder (donor) value.

    About time we got rid of them.

  3. The only decent channel with a world class news at 7pm.

    That the Tories fucking hate for repeatedly putting then on the spot.

    This is a totally political decision to punish.


  4. Murdoch wants this .. that’s the ONLY reason…. She’s a dangerous idiot who will blindly follow orders….

  5. You have to wonder why they bother with consultations if they’re just going to plough on ahead with the wrongheaded bullshit that those consulted vehemently opposed, and which those consultations are supposed to nip in the bud?

  6. I know the right will support this because they see channel 4 as lefty….. But when has the tories privatising things ever been successful. They come back to public ownership when they arnt making money… And privatised again when profits are made.

    Any time anything has ever been privatised…. Its always been at the expense of your average Joe.

  7. Just when I think I’ve reached the peak of my anger and frustration these cunts go and outdo themselves. Fucking shitshow of a government. Fucking shitshow of a country.

    Is there anything we can do to stop this?!

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    Mobalise_Anarchise April 5, 2022 at 7:04 am

    > The government hopes to raise around £1bn from the sell-off, making it one of the biggest privatisations since Royal Mail went public a decade ago. Ministers have suggested they could spend the proceeds to boost creative training and independent production companies, essentially funding their levelling-up agenda.

    You know, people actually fall for this stuff. Still. In 2022.

  9. Never vote Tory, never trust Tory.

    What they’re doing here is just following the tory plan and they will endup being some of the first shareholders once purchased to ensure they have a hand in the narative.

    It will become warped and irrelevant. Be interesting to see where the news team end up.

  10. She thought channel 4 was in receipt of public money. She said as much during a select committee. She had to be corrected.

    Her response, verbatim was: “and… so… although it’s… yeah and… but”.

  11. The wrong choice, by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons.

    Would you expect anything less?

    As a public assets, everyone legally resident in the UK is due a share. Anything less is the forfeiture of a public good by the elite for private profit.

  12. Channel 4 has got a lot better since the 00s, in my opinion at least. It’s not the BBC but it is far better than ITV could hope to be right now. Privatising it risks ruining all that change overnight.

  13. Well that’s a massive blow to public broadcasting, hopefully the current leader ship can remain in power and keep channel 4 the same no matter the new owners

  14. I am so fucking exhausted. My country chopped and diced with vitriol and Disinfo-bucks. Why should I bother? 🙁

  15. This is the same Nadine Dorries who, in an interview last year, revealed that she didn’t know that Channel 4 receives no funding from the licence fee.

    Edit: missed a word

  16. As much cultural vandalism as they can before they lose the next election. Bastards.

  17. The Tories are a bunch of thieves, vandals and liars whose only reason for existing is to sell off everything to enrich themselves and trash the country. This is just the latest step.

  18. Fuck. C4 has been producing some of the best fiction and documentaries on TV for decades, has pushed the envelope and broadened the British public’s perspective for years (eg showing foreign cinema, funding grassroots British cinema, shows and movies not scared to examine disability, class or racial issues or humanise groups usually ignored by the media. Would the BBC or ITV have shows like The Last Leg? This Is England?).

    Tories are demolishing the country with a multi-pronged attack.

  19. but what if the company that buys it still puts out programming that the government doesn’t like?

  20. Privatization is just a way for your elected fellows to bank all sorts of cash and then use it to further screw you over. Just say’in.

  21. Ideological nutters. The Tories have sold this country down the road for decades.

  22. The Tories really don’t like media that tell the truth do they.

  23. OMG will this bloody farce of a political party just die already?! That confounded woman should never have been given this much power, but because she seems largely clueless, she was more than qualified it seems.

  24. Labour should just make it a key manifesto pledge to nationalise it and seize it back putting off any prospective buyers. Easy.

  25. I really, really, really despise the Tories and despair the direction this country is heading/has headed. They’re utterly trashing the country. I loathe to bring up Brexit, but it was just the start of a long road of them being utter fucking cunts. I don’t know how anyone can continue to support these complete crooks.

  26. I wonder if it will be a Tory donor buying it? Totally above board of course. Nothing to see here.

  27. Just like everything else they privatise they’ll sell it for cheap to friends.


  28. Can someone help me fight the feeling of not giving a shit any more?

    This is what people vote for directly, by voting Tory, or indirectly by not voting at all or by not playing the FPTP game and wasting their vote on 3rd or 4th party candidates.

    Meanwhile I’ve voted at every single election and referendum since I turned 18 – local, national, even dumb police and crime commissioner elections. And the whole time, there are people dead against the Tories not bothering to turn up for whatever reason.

    I’m an elderly millennial and I’ll keep voting but increasingly with a shrug that it’s not going to make any difference until turnout increases and people learn to play FPTP against the Tories.

    RIP Channel 4 – your news was great and your original programming was great too. I’m going to miss you.

  29. God I’d almost forgotten that daft bitch was culture secretary.

  30. Dogshit policy that no-one wants other than Tory MPs

    Zero push from the public to privatise CH4.

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