1. But eventually they’ll figure it out. “Uh… so it’s been a month, is he still alive? Why hasn’t the world been eaten yet? Something smells slaughterfishy.”

  2. *breaks truce anyways

  3. There is another way…. Dragonborn could just conquer the world.

    I mean by the end of the game the DB theoretically has an army of dragons at his command, a collection of god weapons, possibly the VampireLord/Werewolf form, the companions, the Volikihar/Dawnguard, the thieves guild, the Winterhold mages, a tribe of Reachmen, a tribe of Rieklings, the Darkbrotherhood, an immortal undead dragon, the opportunity to marry a high ranking member of house Telvani (Brelyna), and anything else Im forgetting.

  4. They can go to Sovngarde just fine. It’s the getting back part that’s an issue

  5. who are you? who are so wise in the ways of Dovah?

  6. I don’t think that worked so well in Watchmen.

  7. 999 IQ solution. Loved it.

  8. Thalmor: Now’s the time for a false flag attack and a few intrigues to screw up the truce. Let’s also set get some things going to discredit this dragonborn in the eyes of both so they can’t screw up our plans by pulling this crap again.

  9. I wish there was a way to show ulfric the thalmor dossier, and go from there to make a lasting alliance against the thalmor.

  10. Real way to end the civil war:

    You’re the dragonborn, leader of all the guild, thane of all the holds and the empire is in discontent generally. Oh yeah, and you can literally kill armies single-handedly.

    So really you can just be like “Joink, I’m in charge now” in Skyrim. Have the jarls elect you. Then lead an army to Cyrodiil to dethrone the emperor and be crowned the new emperor. Because, well, Mede is unpopular anyway and everyone remembers the “golden age” of the previous dragonborn dynasty so they should be pretty happy to accept you.

    Civil war over, empire saved, everybody claps.

  11. The two factions, Imperials and Stormcloaks, are essentially locked into the Prisoner’s dilemma. Either one side wins and the other loses but they’ll be worse off than if they cooperated; in cooperation they’ll definitely gain but not as much as if one won outright.

    The real enemy in Skyrim are the Thalmor. If the Imperials recognized Skyrim’s sovereignty and recognized their wish to worship freely, they could combine forces to remove the Thalmor threat.

    However petty squabbling among Cyrodillian nobles and people unable to accept the Empire’s loss of status don’t want this so they fight one another for ultimate victory which is a shame. At the end of the day, imho, an Imperial victory is a hollow one because they’ll still be subject to the Thalmor and the White-Gold Concordat.

    If there’s one thing I am looking forward to in TES6 is to find out what the real canonical ending for Skyrim is.

  12. I get how peace is an optimal solution…

    But that doesn’t allow for the killing of every last of the god-denying Thalmor…

    So I’m out.

  13. But isn’t the neutral position the one that becomes enemy of both sides, making them join forces against the neutral one?.

  14. So why in the fuck the BARDS know about it and creates new song?!

  15. I’m just imagining this dead nord that died some other way up there asking where’s alduin and realizing it was all a lie

  16. Or the Dragonborn can wipe out the Thalmor, become the new Emperor, and reinstate Talos worship. That’d work, too.

  17. Peace based on a lie

  18. I was going to say until you summon one of the dead heroes around someone and they mention you defeating Alduin but then I remembered I never use that shout.

  19. I don’t think we technically even kill Alduin, so the truce would continue indefinitely because of that

  20. Hello Talleyrand

  21. Id also imagine that if you could keep the truce going until the empire and the dominion start fighting again then the civil war wouldn’t matter anymore. Both stormcloak and imperials would focus on them instead of fighting each other.

  22. My neutral solution is to kill Ulfric and Tullius…

  23. sure and what i live out the rest of my life as the failure of a dragonborn? nah, im taking his head for my mantle next to paarthurnax

  24. More likely that the truce would last until the 2 sides said “F— it.” And started fighting again.

  25. Should of just kept Talos worship and split the lands then could of lived in a truce.

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