1. I’m just imagining your mum has completely deserted the main part of the game and has just settled down running a potion selling business

  2. So she’s a bit of an alchemist, eh?

    Jokes aside, I like to set myself up with a little “career” in Fallout and Skyrim games.

    In Skyrim, I’m usually a blacksmith by trade, until I become the Archmage. Then it sort of feels like an obligation for my career to transition to the running the college.

    In FO3 I was just a shitty junk dealer. Nothing interesting. Didn’t always make a lot of money with that.

    In FONV, usually I end up being the Gun Runners main supplier of base weaponry, and I sold a few pieces on the side myself as well. Travel through the desert “acquiring” weapons and sell them in bulk to the Gun Runner’s little kiosk robot dude for 8,000 caps at a time.

    In FO4 I often end up being the Commonwealth’s largest Jet manufacturer. Not particularly proud of that one.

  3. Your mom is my saviour!! I’ve been looking for a comprehensive alchemy guide like this for literal YEARS!!! Thank your mom for all of us!!

  4. Very impressive. You should show her garralab potion website and a major slack alchemy video on YouTube. I get just as insane when I start naming enchanted armor.

  5. This is my favorite thing I’ve seen all day

  6. I predict 100% of players save or download this image. +10 Reputation.

  7. Your mom is running an MLM in Skyrim. Herbalife lol

  8. Don’t show her Eve Online.

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    Successful_Opinion33 November 26, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Jesus. Your mom just helped everyone that plays skyrim

  10. Im saving this, in a few days when I play again I will turn a huge profit thanks to your mom. Please give her my thanks.

  11. Mom has to be an OG gamer.

    I started playing Wizardry on the PC when I was 12 (I’m pushing 40 now) when I had an auto map with it.
    I know the installments before it, you had to graph out your maps to navigate.

  12. … is your mom single and maybe gay?

  13. Damn I respect. I pretty much ignore potions to be honest. You get so many from just doing quests and looting lol, but it’s a very valid strategy

  14. Her potions are too strong for you traveller

  15. Potion seller…

  16. Your mom is the ultimate fucking gamer godamned.

  17. Your mom just went from being a main character to..

  18. Salmon Roe + Hitscarp never fails me at alchemy.

  19. I hope her parents are proud of her!

  20. She should play Elder Scrolls Online, it has an awesome decentralized player economy. There’s no global auction house, instead you have different trading shops at various cities, so people pay a premium for crafted potions ready to go for raiding and pvp instead of having to harvest or buy the ingredients themselves. You can play the game exclusively as a merchant basically and make friends with other people buying and selling gear, furniture, etc.

  21. Your mom isn’t starting a potion business, she’s busy achieving CHIM next to an alchemy table. Two days ago she could kill Shor himself by drinking a single drop of stuff, today? She tears a hole in the source code itself.

  22. “Well, I’m an alchemist now”

    “But… the dragons! You’re the dragonborn!”

    “Does this Netch Jelly taste off to you?”

  23. *background: mom was/is an accountant*

  24. Your mum needs to try Eve Online, she could be an oligarch within a year.

  25. Salmon roe, garlic, Nordic barnacles iirc makes an incredibly expensive water breathing potion.

  26. Meanwhile I still haven’t tried alchemy in any game because I can’t be bothered

  27. Quick tip:

    The most valuable potion you can make in skyrim, without mods is :

    Salmon roe + nordic barnacle + garlic

    The potion is worth around 1.5k per bottle at lvl 15 alchemy and is the best way to power level alchemy

  28. She’s a alchemist now!

  29. Seriously, and with no irony whatsoever: Your Mom is awesome

  30. This is so awesome! I’m impressed she was able to devote the time to fully research and document all the ingredients and potions. I always just use the wiki page when I need to make something I’ve never made before. Then it’s already listed for you in the alchemy table menu.

  31. Impressive as hell. You should be proud!

  32. *yoink*

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