1. Lizard Queen ++

  2. “and pearls on a little girl”

  3. [you look like this Lisa](https://youtu.be/foOqrX9GHyc) lmao nicely done

  4. Like, you know, whatever

  5. …and our kids – they’ll be horrible freaks with pink skin, no overbites, and five fingers on each hand!

  6. This is amazing and so delightful! Well done! The lizard queen warmed my heart

  7. Just I was about to type where is the Lizard Queen?! You knew the assignment and exceeded expectations

  8. Great job! Love your spiky hair, and your facial expressions were spot on.

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    atleastistoletheshow February 5, 2023 at 8:26 am

    I’m not a state I’m a monster

  10. The lizard queen really sold it for me

  11. Do YOU come with the car? 😏

  12. Curious, what was this for? Way too late for Halloween.

    Regardless, super-cute. Would you choo-choo-choose me?

  13. Where’s your saxomuhphone?

  14. Young lady, in this house, we obey the laws of THERMODYNAMICS!

  15. Good old rock. Nothing beats rock.

  16. I hope you want to help George Washington….

  17. Ha! Amazing. You kinda also look like Lisa in the episode when Abe starts dating Marge’s mom. “Our kids will be freaks” then they cut to Bart, Lisa and Maggie looking realistic lol you also nailed the character expressions so well. 👏

  18. Great job! Its hard to make a nice simpson cosplay! Amazing

  19. You’ve certainly tamed that cosplay. Yes, but what man can tame her

  20. Look at dat pointy-hair-did lil’ girl!

  21. This is fantastic,
    You are fantastic,
    And I hope you had a fantastic time.

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    Outside-Accident8628 February 5, 2023 at 8:26 am

    Wait a minute are the kids blonde?

  23. has 5 fingers 0/10

    At least we know she’s not in the yakuza

  24. Woah put her back in she isn’t ready yet

  25. You shouldn’t have drank the water on the ride at Duff Gardens.

    * Duff Beer for me
    * Duff Beer for you
    * You have a Duff
    * And I’ll have one, too

  26. 😐 If anyone wants me I’ll be in my room.

  27. Finally I look like a real person!

  28. Great job! Also you look like Florence Pugh

  29. Spot on love it!

  30. Super Saiyan Simpson

  31. This is awesome. Great picture with Snowball II

  32. Awesome.

  33. Amazing

  34. Five fingers! Ooooh… freak show

  35. I love this.

    And of course, “I am the lizard queen” was also my favorite =).

    Thanks for sharing !

  36. The hair, the memes, this is brilliant.

  37. Like, you know, whatever.

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    Ok_Relationship2451 February 5, 2023 at 8:26 am

    Literally laughed out loud at I am the lizard queen

  39. wow, really good!!!!

  40. Wear a golden robe and you will be the sun god

  41. Lizard queen should not have been that deep in the album. Great job!

  42. Love it. Congrats on a good job.

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    Pleasant_Avocado_929 February 5, 2023 at 8:26 am

    So cuuuute ! I love it. Love the poses too especially the kitchen one, you nailed it

  44. You may have jaundice.

    Great cosplay if you don’t

  45. Love it!!!! Nailed the hair perfectly

  46. It’s really good and that scares me

  47. You’re missing something in all these pictures…a tubababa? Obobobo? Oh yeah, a saxamaphone.


  49. Second to last picture…you should have gone to bread.

  50. Is your favorite food McNuggets?

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