1. “The lane is getting wider, I better slam on the brakes!”

  2. I’ve noticed this too. Very annoying.

  3. This is PERFECT.

    Also, streets that are wide enough to accommodate parked cars, and FSD constantly trying to center to the right. Drives me nuts sometimes.

  4. When it does this on the freeway, you look like a jerk who is trying to prevent people from getting around you while they are merging from an onramp.

  5. Seriously!!! I honestly can’t believe this is still a thing. Drives me absolutely nuts.

  6. It does that correction violently also.

  7. “All user input is error”

  8. It should prioritize left lines in LHD countries and I imagine right lines in RHD countries. Drives me nuts. Aside from PB this is the other reason I don’t use EAP other than heavy traffic.

  9. Stuff like this gives me no confidence they will ever achieve a useful level 3+ FSD. It has been years with zero improvements to seemingly simple AP problems, and in many ways AP is worse than when I got it four years ago.

  10. Yeah, it sucks TBH. Hasn’t improved one bit since I’ve owned the car. It’s no wonder others may wind up ahead of Tesla in AD soon enough.

  11. FSD beta is better at this. Though I have a road where a turn lane develops on the inside (for an unprotected left on a two way undivided highway) and FSD beta gets confused by that though regular AP is flawless.

  12. I was on a road for 40 miles once where there was a right turn every few hundred feet. It was terrible.

  13. Near me they have put dotted lines to differentiate the side lane. On FSD the car goes into that lane exposing me to cars that are following. It does not respond to using the turn signal to get back into the correct lane. I hit the camera icon repeatedly as I near my death. Well, I won’t let that happen, but…..

  14. I’m not sure why they haven’t solved this issue yet. Maybe it’s a harder problem than we think?

  15. FSD right around the corner though 😂

  16. To be fair it is not easy for an AI to register that change, given the fact lane lines are manually painted and don’t have a consistent seperation distance.

  17. This is why I am constantly looking at other cars. I love my MY, but I just at least want cruise control.

  18. This is a point of annoyance for me. I’m forced to disengage AP in these situations when other cars are nearby because otherwise it looks like I’m drifting out of the driving lane…

  19. Yep I wish there was an option to make it “hug” a normal distance the centerline instead of trying to center between whatever it thinks the lane size is.

  20. It’s better on navigate on autopilot at least

  21. Drives me crazy. With all the map data and driver data, it should be a pretty straightforward (pun intended) thing to solve. Come on Tesla, I want to stress less using autopilot. 🙂

  22. Surprisingly my 2021 Audi Driver Assistance does an incredible job for this specific use case. Just continues to treat it as the same old lane for 100 feet or so, and if it is longer, starts to slowly veer to the center.

  23. Weird that turning lanes don’t have their own markings though. Here in the UK you’d get a dotted line along the straight and an arrow on the road specifically to denote what it is.

  24. I don’t know if it’s frequent in the US, on the highway in France, especially the Paris region with its extensive highway network—at least for EU standards—an exit lane tranforms into two lanes. AP will center instead of sticking to the right.

  25. I want Elon to change the name fsd for now, don’t want no major lawsuits slowing up the stock. Just change the name because idiots think the car really drives itself

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