1. pretty sure Fighter can be less than 20%

    I got fighter being carried while that person did something like 93% damage

  2. This post is kinda cute considering MVP will be a Noble healer support.

  3. what I want to know is if the game values cruel annihilator higher than fighter for example. on some classes I rarely get fighter, I either get upright fighter or annihilator of varying degree.

  4. Bojii spotted on the top right

  5. Cruel Annihilator is 30-39% stagger.

    Advancing Annihilator is 40%+.

  6. what is Semi-Stagger?

  7. So theorically you can pump at failed attempts, take a dump during the successful attempt and still get top damage? Interesting.

  8. Trash really? lol
    Kinda skewers the results in Abyss Dungeons

  9. Btw on the mvp screen are the other party members ranked in terms of usefulness or is it random?

  10. I know this has been discussed and will not happen, but I so desperately would love to have personal damage meters. It is so hard for me to judge whether I have improved my performance over the past. I have a hard time judging my actual performance in this game.

  11. includes everything with failed attempts? and includes trash mobs? why though? the only one that matters is the successful one and the only one that matters is the boss

  12. I’m not sure if its the same for annihilator. Just now I saw an mvp that was 23% damage Fighter and 33% stagger cruel annihilator

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    vanillabestgirlxoxox April 4, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    If SaintOne is such a good streamer, why isn’t there a SaintTwo yet?

  14. Oh, it includes trash and failed attempts, so it’s worthless, got it.

  15. They could literally just give us a dps meter.

  16. At this point isnt it way easier to display everyone’s participation in like a bar chart at the end of the encounter so you can see how well u are doing vis a vis your team mates.

    It’s like hiding the information which you are giving anyway behind archaic titles.

  17. I sometimes wish getting MVP gave you silver or something. It could encourage group play for things like Chaos and discourage people from AFKing in them as much

  18. BOJI!!!!

  19. So you’re saying…

    I’m consistently doing 40%+ of every single stagger check encounter I’ve EVER been involved in?

    Man…. I’m quitting.

  20. But can i see my stagger dmg and dmg and crit and healing at the same time?

  21. Why would anyone say “no” to a proper damage meter?

    Can it be toxic? For sure, but is it more toxic then being able to inspect someone? No. So why not have it? Or atleast for yourself so you know where you are at.

  22. Also this percentage depends way too much on other party players, you can pop off among new players and be average among veterans.

  23. Personally I feel a good alternative would be to show your own dps for each of the successful boss kills in the dungeon (but AFTER the dungeon is succesfully done like today).
    Possibly with an average (for last 5 runs of this dungeon, as well as your record dps).
    I’d also like to separately see my shield/heal per second, and damage taken.

  24. cruel ann is 30-39%.

  25. What about Advanced? My Gunlancer achieved a title like that.

  26. Fighter starts with 5%. I’ve had a run where a bard (with full support build) got fighter because nobody took damage and had self shields.

  27. Wait, MVP in abyss dungeons calculate trash mob, all bosses, as well as FAILED runs?

    Honestly i thought dungeon mvp only took into account the last boss.

  28. The post forgot to have one of the most important info:

    There can only be TWO of the same title on a MVP screen.

    If four players dealt 25 pct of damage equally, only two will get the fighter titles and rest will get annihilators. No four fighters.

  29. tell me the mvp stats that matter. shields and heals

  30. OP , do you mean approximately?

  31. Related – does getting MVP matter in the end? Extra loot?

  32. lols i came in here to see my noble healer. haha I feel like i get it 90% of the time

  33. TLDR; MVP = support.

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    fuckingstupidsdfsdf April 4, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    Now can someone tell me why I do no damage

  35. I vote for being able to see your DPS and yours only.

    Elitist community will just be toxic being able to see everyone’s number.

  36. Does anyone honestly care about mvp? Especially with it counting trash and failed attempts it’s completely worthless as a measuring tool

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    AdditionalPaymentsdf April 4, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    what about supports?

  38. Oh sweet I suck less than I thought xD Forever Upright Fighter![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat_smile)

  39. What about Advancing, seem to be missing this prefix no?

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